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Conversation Between totoum and Arabesque
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  1. totoum
    2012-03-19 01:22
    Was reading a conversion you had about Araki you had with Triple_R and read:

    But credit given where it's due, the man had shown his touch since episode one and that touch had given the anime it's own flavor.
    You think so?Now I admit I'm stalled at episode 12 of Guilty Crown but I'm stalled because I thought that on the contrary the guy was holding himself back,I saw his flashiness pop up from time to time but that's all.
    Unlike you this makes me go , I wish there was more of it.
    I just have the impression Araki didn't quite know how to handle a character like Shuu,the animes he's directed have never had a character like that,the protagonists he's had so far are not really "normal people" like Shuu,the closest he's had is HoTD and even there the protagonist quickly stops asking himself questions (oh those 180 camera movements,those zooms,those quick cuts )
    I'm not really sure Araki was the right choice for a show with a character like Shuu where you need to be a bit subtle (there's nothing subtle about Light,Shirimaru or Kuro).

    Really,I'm not stalled because I hate the show,it's just what I wanted out of it was some fun blockbuster entertainment and Aquarion EVOL came along and gave me just that so I just havn't had the resolve to continue GC despite my Araki fanboyism

    On a completely unrelated note I'm happy to see someone else is enjoying what Sanzigen and Imaishi are doing with BRS,watching the report on that was really fun.Especilaly love the part where they say that they start out with something really smooth and then purposefully take out frames to make it less smooth and more like 2D anime and particularly Imaishi style since Imaichi isn't known for smooth animation but rather making very good use of a small amount of frames.
    What CGI also allows him to do is really long shots where the "camera" just travels all over the place,he already used it in Panty and Stocking but in BRS he's taking it to extremes,for exemple the first scene of the show is basicly one long sequence shot.
  2. totoum
    2012-01-08 16:44
    This is going to sound incredibly corny, but here goes

    I'm now friends with the first fansubber who's name I remembered!!For some reason "arabesque" stood out when I was reading the credits first remember seeing while watching ergo proxy
    (now I hope I'm not confusing you with someone else)
  3. Arabesque
    2012-01-08 16:14
    Man, I just noticed that apparently we are not friends. How is that possible?

    *corrects mistake*
  4. Arabesque
    2011-12-25 15:46
    Merry Christmas. Let's all wish that next year brings us more of Okada funnies so we can all share and laugh at them (and weep when the RK movies come around and they focus on the trans-gender character instead of, you know, Kenshin ...)
  5. totoum
    2011-12-13 10:07
    Happy birthday (there's no way I could have forgotten)

    Birthday present: Guilty Crown had some good Araki goodness this week,behold fabulous spinning
  6. Arabesque
    2011-10-16 05:18
    Yep, that's our Araki alright One thing that I failed to mention is what you pointed out, the man will sacrifice internal logic for the series just so that he can amplify the ''coolness'' factor to the max. That's why I said that that entire scene just is the summarization of just what Director Araki Tetsuro is about. It's about the carzy camera zoom ins, the violation of the viewers personal space via extremely close up shots of character faces (or other bodily part a la HoTD :P) and being very very dramatic and theatrical in all aspects to the extreme.
  7. totoum
    2011-10-15 16:50
    Hey,I was looking at that Gai intro scene from guilty crown again,on a second look,the lights are completely unnecessary plotwise,then there's the fact he's up higher than everyone,so you've got lights and a stage,doesn't get much more theatrical than that.And of course his face face is shown last for an even more dramatic effect.
  8. totoum
    2011-09-10 13:52
    I have no idea what's going on with fate zero though if I had to guess I'd go with Hiramatsu Masaki because he has a history with both ufotable (garden of sinners scripts) and Urobuchi (writing Kazumi Madoka based on some Urobuchi guidelines),but I just figure they don't reveal the name of the person doing the adaptation because they want to hype this around Urobuchi's name as much as possible.
  9. Arabesque
    2011-09-10 13:06
    Actually, I did come across some rumors back then about a fourth Anime no Chikara show involving Urobuchi, but I didn't make much of them and I didn't think that was a reason for them to not hide his involvement in Madoka (since they could deny it until the 3rd episode anyway). But anyway, since apparently they had that in mind, I guess my point is sort of moot :P

    As for Fate/Zero, I have no idea why keeping the writer a secret. Everyone knows that Urobuchi wrote the novels, so there is no reason for them to hide his involvement. It's gotten really suspicious at this point lol.
    completely unrelated but we have the same birthday
    What, seriously? That's really cool, your the first person I've met with the same birthday lol
  10. totoum
    2011-09-10 05:08
    Kind of off topic in the fate zero thread so I'll adress this here

    The opposite actually. They made sure to stress Urobuchi's involvement in Madoka, about how he was going to personally script every episode, how they made sure they followed his word to the letter ... What they tried to do was make it seem like the show was going to be a more light hearted take than his usual tales.
    What you just described was plan B , in an interview Urobuchi said plan A was to hide his name until after episode 3 but back in april there was a staff leak on 2chan before the anime was officialy announced ,so when it came time for the official announcement they made no effort to hide it,the reason no news of Madoka was reported on english websites back in april is that it was seen as weird 2chan rumor at the time.

    edit:completely unrelated but we have the same birthday,that's kind of cool lol

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