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Conversation Between Fynal_Fyre and Marina
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  1. Fynal_Fyre
    2008-09-12 03:20
    Marina, sorry for the late reply heh, but the posters are great. Let me look over the last again~
  2. Marina
    2008-09-08 01:24
    Yeah, I finished the posters actually. What do you think of the last one?
  3. Fynal_Fyre
    2008-09-06 14:44
    Got the pictures you needed for the ISML posters? If you need any help just holler ^^
  4. Marina
    2008-06-14 00:02
    I'll have to take a look into it ^_^
    Yeah, the final ep. of ttgl was pretty epic, I'm not too much of a mecha fan, but I was moved
  5. Fynal_Fyre
    2008-06-13 22:41
    TTGL IS EPIC, if a bit far fetched.

    But the final episode is so epic and hot-blooded, I swear I cried manly tears.
  6. Fynal_Fyre
    2008-06-13 08:21
    Played the Utawarerumono VN through! Eruruu FTW! It's definetely worth a look-at, Marina. ^^

    Kinda slow in finishing it though, marathoning Macross and Toshokan Sensou now.
  7. Marina
    2008-05-29 18:13
    yeah, I've been busy with work irl so haven't had much time for the forums here lately ^_^ Hope to fix my schedule to be a bit less hectic though. I'm glad you picked up Utawarerumono, you'll have to tell me what you think after you finish it
  8. Fynal_Fyre
    2008-05-29 14:15
    Yo Marina, haven't seen you in the ISML thread lately, or is RL tying me up THAT badly.

    Anyways, I just picked up Utawareumono the VN, and Aruruu made my moe brain nodes explode.

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