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Conversation Between Nerroth and Samanosuke
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  1. Samanosuke
    2009-04-03 19:47
    I doubt anyone will bother =/.
    I made an account the other day because I needed the check something out for a friend , but I don't even remember my username ^^'.
    Maybe Murialiata has an account there though.
  2. Samanosuke
    2009-04-03 15:04
    Hey Nerroth.
    Here is a little update on , providing that you still care about that place xD
    So , As you may know , the Domain expired.
    However , Chetane cannot renew it , for he cannot find the person who registered it for him.
    As a result , FSN may be down for good this time.
    However he offered to give me the forum date should I want it , And I think i'm going to try to merdge it with my forum ( where you already have an account IRC) , so the posts and all should be there. Well , we'll see how it work out in the end.
    and that's about it . Thought you might have wanted to know.
  3. Samanosuke
    2009-02-08 07:04
    Hey Nerroth , Kuro here from

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