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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Aoie_Emesai
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  1. Aoie_Emesai
    2010-03-11 19:27
    Oh no. I was saying that, that feature wasn't there when I was leader. Just curious now. Since at the initial beginning, grp leaders could only soft delete threads. Now you can prema delete threads now.
  2. Evil Rick
    2010-03-10 20:45
    Evil Rick
    Uhmmm... yeah, did I deleted something I shouldn't? @_@;
  3. Aoie_Emesai
    2010-03-10 19:04
    hum... they allow group leaders to perma delete threads now Rick?
  4. Aoie_Emesai
    2010-02-09 03:10
    yeah. Oh well, hopefully he submit something self created next time instead of an edit.
  5. Evil Rick
    2010-02-09 01:42
    Evil Rick
    Deleted. I was waiting to see if the one who uploaded (who alredy got a message of my concerns) could tell me the reasons and remove them by himself, anyway I deleted them, those images would not had stay on the group in any case.
  6. Aoie_Emesai
    2010-02-09 01:35
    Delete those images on the group pictures. The only images that should be posted are screenshots and user submitted images not edited images from other artist.
  7. Evil Rick
    2009-10-14 00:32
    Evil Rick
    Weeee!!! Thanks a lot boss!
  8. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-10-13 22:35
    Hello and Happy ?? Birthday

    I expect more drawing that you're older now ^^
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-06-07 01:01
    Evil Rick
    We´re gonna have more than 40 days oif submission, if you don't submit something this time, little fluffy will pay you a visit. O.o

  10. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-06-07 00:39
    Okay. Cause depending on the theme I'd again try to make a submission ^^

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