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Conversation Between Evil Rick and WarpObscura
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  1. WarpObscura
    2011-05-03 07:37
    Hmm. I'll put more thought into it. No guarantees =/
  2. Evil Rick
    2011-05-02 15:17
    Evil Rick
    It is a lineart of a drawing of yours? I would have to check it out.
  3. WarpObscura
    2011-05-02 07:38
    Hmm... Okay, I've got this scanned picture that I'm wanting to make into lineart, but it's been annoying. How much would you want just to lineart and how much more would I need to get it coloured too? Or do you need to see it first?
  4. WarpObscura
    2011-05-01 20:41
    I'll think about it.
  5. Evil Rick
    2011-05-01 02:38
    Evil Rick
    I take drawing requests fro $10.00 each if you'r einterested
  6. Evil Rick
    2010-05-23 15:20
    Evil Rick
    Okay, I'm gonna attach you an image, use it along with the guide I'm gonna post below for coloring, or at leats, the method I use.
    Once you had finished the lineart, create a new layer below the lineart layer and color the areas of your drawing with solid colors, using the lineart as guide for spaces, you can always use the polygonal lasso tool to help yourself. (1) Now, once you have your color layer ready, create a new layer below it and fill the color area with 50% gray. (NOTE, by 50% gray I mean the gray coloration on the color scale, not opacity). (2) Now, set the color layer as Overlay, by having a 50% gray below yur color layer, the colors will not be afected by setting their layer as Overlay. So if your color is orange, it'll still be orange, if it's blue, it'll still be blue, etc... (3) Now, on your layer with the gray color using the Burn Tool you're gonna add shadows, and with the dodge tool you're gonna work lights. These two tools work as brushes so you'll have no problem using them. Add all the shading & lighting efects on the gray color layer (At the images I've hided the color layer to show you) (4) Now, if I visualise the color layer it'll look like this (5). In these cases, you may use the magic wandda tool (with tolerance of 0) to select especific color areas on your color layer and with the section selected, return to the gray layer to work the efects. By having color layer and efects layer separated, you're free to change the color of your drawing anytime and you're protecting the color layer in case of making a mistake on the shading/lighting process, hope it was usefull.
  7. WarpObscura
    2010-05-23 02:44
    Yes, I did say new layer.
  8. Evil Rick
    2010-05-22 16:08
    Evil Rick
    No, you say you draw thw lines of the drawing using the pentool, right? I must presume you deraw these lines on a new empty layer, not in the same layer of the drawing, right?
  9. WarpObscura
    2010-05-22 10:40
    Let me see... New layer, pen tool, fill path with black?
  10. Evil Rick
    2010-05-21 23:57
    Evil Rick
    Okay, I supose you create the lines with the pentool in a new epmty layer, right?
    (Sorry for asking you this details but I must be sure you have the proper knowledge of the lineart before showing you the color method)

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