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Conversation Between Evil Rick and SweetHoney
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  1. SweetHoney
    2008-12-16 03:33
    Eh? Really? I thought it wasn't really good actually >___<
  2. Evil Rick
    2008-12-16 02:43
    Evil Rick
    Looks cool! Great Job
  3. SweetHoney
    2008-12-16 02:24
    Thank you very much Rick

    Oh by the way I drew some thing!
  4. Evil Rick
    2008-12-16 01:05
    Evil Rick
    Happy Birthday Honey! :3
  5. SweetHoney
    2008-10-01 04:54
    Aww that sucks

    As for art, tis okay I'm not a big drawer anyway I more into writing and taking photos
  6. Evil Rick
    2008-09-30 22:05
    Evil Rick
    I'm glad to hear that, I puted that sig into a contest in another forum... I was last place though ...

    And about the art "Paths SweetHoney in the shoulder" we only need to practique
  7. SweetHoney
    2008-09-30 21:56
    Hey Rick,

    Just wanted to say this sig you made

    Has given me an idea for a FF12 sig I want to do. So thanks for the idea!!

    Oh and keep up the good work and drawings! (I failed art when I was 14 T-T)
  8. SweetHoney
    2008-07-26 22:01
    Really? Congrats on third box then! ^__^
  9. Evil Rick
    2008-07-26 21:11
    Evil Rick
    Thnx for the cookies! Third square reached
  10. SweetHoney
    2008-07-02 00:08
    It's not problem at all ^^

    Oh yeah and nice sigs your making, I'm bad with animation and keep it AS-safe ^^;;

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