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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Krinen
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  1. Evil Rick
    2008-10-27 11:03
    Evil Rick
    Krinen, please, understeand my point, I alredy said that StrikerS isn't overall bad, that It has good things, my point is that I never speak to them in an agresive way to be replyed the way I was, yes, I was repling tpo Comartemise's post, the same way he was doing it with mines, the agresive was him not me
  2. Krinen
    2008-10-27 05:21
    Rick, think of it the way we are. Though you may be analyzing the arguments, you are not replying in a way that makes it seem like you are. And it might be simple miscommunication. I don't mean to attack you for any reason, but you're a bit hard to understand sometimes. Because of this, most of your posts seemed to contradict themselves, while also giving no hint that you actually understood what anyone was saying. Most of the argument seemed to be revolving around your dislike of StrikerS. Okay. You dislike StrikerS. But that does not mean that it's BAD. I thought it was rather good, and most people think the same. Bear in mind, not everyone thinks the same way, and most of your posts seemed to use your opinion as the defining rule, making them biased and unfounded. Hence the accusations of you being "Thick".

    Now, I know that was long winded, and I don't mean to sound angry, or rude. But just let it go. Don't say weather the argument went one way or the other. Just let it drop, and we can stop this cleverly hidden flamewar.
  3. Krinen
    2008-06-08 01:13
    Whee! Friends! =D
  4. Evil Rick
    2008-06-07 16:41
    Evil Rick
    Thanks for adding me as your friend

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