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Conversation Between Evil Rick and HayashiTakara
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  1. HayashiTakara
    2009-12-17 14:12
    lol, just go to gelbooru, and do type this in Nekonome_Shizuka in the search box.

    Copy and paste for ease
  2. Evil Rick
    2009-12-17 13:34
    Evil Rick
    Oh, can I see?
  3. HayashiTakara
    2009-12-17 12:03
    btw, I posted the uncensored higher res version on Gelbooru if you're interested XP
  4. HayashiTakara
    2009-12-17 00:32
    lol if only I could post the uncensored version, it's like 10x's better lol
  5. Evil Rick
    2009-12-17 00:31
    Evil Rick
    lol, for some reason you just can't put you eyes away from the picture >_>;

  6. HayashiTakara
    2009-12-17 00:29
    Haha, glad you like it XD
  7. HayashiTakara
    2009-11-10 02:07
    lol really? thats kinda funny XD
  8. HayashiTakara
    2009-07-07 16:30
    Thanks for the birthday wish ^.^
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-07-05 02:35
    Evil Rick
    Happy Birthday Hayashi
  10. Evil Rick
    2009-04-25 13:45
    Evil Rick
    Hi there! Just remember taht we're on the last day of voting phase 1 at the Artist alike and from afar contest, don't forget to visit the grouo and give your votes

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