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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Jill Valentine
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  1. Jill Valentine
    2010-02-03 15:30
    Jill Valentine
    They're both hot <3.
    Well not everyone's got the same taste as others do. Lol i dislike him, nurses are pretty interesting xD
    Thinking of buying a PS3, but i know that the moment i buy it' there will be news about the PS4 coming out in a few months and that PS3's game's will disappear. Then torture begins lol.
  2. Evil Rick
    2010-02-03 14:54
    Evil Rick
    Yeah, I know, I saw the Jill valentine boss battle at youtube, she's hot but Sheeva's also very atractive

    Heard some bad reviews about Silent Hill Homecoming but I'm looking forward to play it, Piramyd head returns! O3O
  3. Jill Valentine
    2010-02-03 13:44
    Jill Valentine
    Btw you should buy Silent Hill homecoming, it's more interesting
  4. Jill Valentine
    2010-02-03 13:43
    Jill Valentine
    Not an enemy She's just controlled by Wesker with the thing that is on her chest. Ohh and btw he's really hot in 5th series,not that you'd understand a girl xD.

    Anyway, it still sounds interesting i probably won't find it anytime soon though T.T
    I wonder if Wii is fun' but i hate the remote it comes with >.>
  5. Evil Rick
    2010-02-03 13:34
    Evil Rick
    Due to the fact that I'm an XBOX 360 player the only ones I can get are Resident Evil 5 and Silent Hill Homecoming, I heard that Resident Evil 5 is nice because it brings the origins of the T-Virus and Jill Valentine returns as an enemy :O

    Silent Hill shattered memories is mostly a rebot of the silent Hill series because it puts you back on the events of Slent Hill 1, just that here you cannot fight the monsters, you must escape of them and the otherworld is ice not blood like in others Silent Hill. Sadly, esclusive ony for the Wii.
  6. Jill Valentine
    2010-02-03 13:30
    Jill Valentine
    I saw the trailer and it's not really interesting : /
    I'd recomend, RE Code Veronica X amazing episode and of course others.
    Silent Hill shattered memories is out, but i can't find it in any of the video game stores
  7. Evil Rick
    2010-02-03 13:08
    Evil Rick
    I was looking to get Resident Evil 5 this christmas but it was a bit to $$$
  8. Jill Valentine
    2010-02-03 02:42
    Jill Valentine
    Nice. Ever played resident evil?
  9. Evil Rick
    2010-02-02 21:02
    Evil Rick
    Currently Deadspace, Deadrising and Bioshock.
  10. Jill Valentine
    2010-02-02 14:33
    Jill Valentine
    Better talk here before we get caught off topic xD
    I'm guessing you're a gamer. What other horror games do/did you play?

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