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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Kaix
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  1. Kaix
    2010-11-13 00:45
    Looks nice, thanks for the heads up!
  2. Evil Rick
    2010-11-10 00:37
    Evil Rick
    Hello man, just passing to throw you Kai's profile picture, the official one:
  3. Evil Rick
    2010-10-13 23:47
    Evil Rick
    Thankyou a lot man!
  4. Kaix
    2010-10-13 22:35
    Happy Birthday!
  5. Kaix
    2010-06-06 21:57
    Well, take your time. Good luck with your other project.
  6. Evil Rick
    2010-06-06 15:27
    Evil Rick
    The yellow eye is the Eye of Shangri La, not only grants Kai eternal life but also, special abilities that you'll see soon.

    And... no, unfortunely, Chapter 8 will delay a bit since I took a job illustrating a Visual Novel games}, I'll progress on my comic a bit slower than usual, porbably will be out until July, after the World Cup.
  7. Kaix
    2010-06-06 05:15
    Oh, hey! Thanks for the heads up. Looks great! I'd ask what's with the yellow eye, but I assume that's something to be seen in the story.

    Does this mean chapter 8 will be out soon?
  8. Evil Rick
    2010-06-06 03:17
    Evil Rick
    Hey, time to enjoy Kai's new render

    Kai will appear again in Master Light 8 but his official debut will be till Master Light 9, son't want to spoil anything but you can expect Kai -vs- Maligno
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-10-13 22:46
    Evil Rick
    Thankyou very much!

    Really apreciated.
  10. Kaix
    2009-10-13 17:17
    Happy Birthday!

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