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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Kaix
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  1. Kaix
    2008-09-21 01:37
    Wow, you're quick! Sounds great! Can't wait to see it done!
  2. Evil Rick
    2008-09-21 01:29
    Evil Rick
    Hey Kai!

    Guess what?

    I have ready the render of the character "Kai the Reaper"

    Just need to color it
  3. Evil Rick
    2008-09-20 00:32
    Evil Rick
    Wichever you prefer
  4. Kaix
    2008-09-20 00:29
    Okay, I'll think about it. PM or visitor message?
  5. Evil Rick
    2008-09-20 00:24
    Evil Rick
    Right! You will not regret it

    Now... hmm.. we must create your render!

    Why you don't think how would you like to be (hairstyle, clothes, weapon... male character obvius) and contact me tomorrow?
  6. Kaix
    2008-09-20 00:20
    As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't mind!
  7. Evil Rick
    2008-09-20 00:16
    Evil Rick

    What do you say?
  8. Kaix
    2008-09-20 00:13
    I really think it would be fun.
  9. Evil Rick
    2008-09-20 00:09
    Evil Rick
    Don't get scared, I'm not speaking of having us as main characters , Vita is the star, I mean us as characters like Gary Love or Alphonse, which in a moment will help Vita to complete her quest

    Although, if you don't want it's okay
  10. Kaix
    2008-09-20 00:01
    Shooosh! An epic battle to the death!

    I see what you're getting at. Don't get me wrong - half of me is screaming that it would be fun, the other half is screaming the opposite. But what about Vita and the others? Wouldn't that be stealing their spotlight?

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