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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Kaix
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  1. Kaix
    2008-06-18 02:22

    Who's that in your avi? I feel as if I've seen her somewhere before.
  2. Evil Rick
    2008-06-18 02:13
    Evil Rick

    Your new ava is awesome! O.O!
  3. Kaix
    2008-06-16 23:45
    No, no. I've been avoiding it the whole week, I have to get it written right, eventually. I have the outline written out, so it should be done in a few hours. But then... you never know...
  4. Evil Rick
    2008-06-16 23:37
    Evil Rick
    Medieval Nanoha!!!!

    don't worry, take your time
  5. Kaix
    2008-06-16 23:18
    Thanks! I like things like that so it was really fun. I can't wait to see the actual story.
    [Kai should stop finding other things to do and get writing - M!Nanoha hasn't been updated in long enough time.]
  6. Evil Rick
    2008-06-16 14:00
    Evil Rick
    Good work discovering the secret message Kai
  7. Kaix
    2008-06-04 13:57
    Awh, I didn't mean to make anybody worry. Thanks, it sort of means a lot.

    Basically I was flooded by exams and projects and had no time what-so-ever to come online. I'm back now and staying! (the backlog is killing me though xDD)
  8. Evil Rick
    2008-06-04 13:22
    Evil Rick
    Hey Kai
    Were have you been? I was really worried about you
  9. Kaix
    2008-06-04 13:20
    None other than me!
  10. Evil Rick
    2008-06-04 12:52
    Evil Rick

    Is that you?

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