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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Kaix
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  1. Kaix
    2009-08-26 23:45
  2. Evil Rick
    2009-08-26 23:37
    Evil Rick
    Passed my exam with a good result (9.5/10).

    Thnaks again man!
  3. Kaix
    2009-08-23 00:40
    Don't forget to tell how it went once you get the results.
  4. Evil Rick
    2009-08-22 16:34
    Evil Rick
    Thnaks a lot man! I think I get it right, gonna get the results on Wednesday.

    Thanks a again!
  5. Kaix
    2009-08-22 00:42
    Good luck on that exam.
  6. Kaix
    2009-08-18 15:05
    HA! Thanks for the great news!
  7. Evil Rick
    2009-08-18 14:15
    Evil Rick
    Hey Kai, guess what? Marksellus levaed a message in my profile's chat, aparently, she was on a loooooooong trip.

    It seems that she's back, but gonna be a abit bussy with backlog acording to what she said.
  8. Kaix
    2009-07-19 14:23
    I read some fics, but I've just been lurking around mostly.
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-07-19 14:08
    Evil Rick
    No, I think we don't.

    Well, you haven't post a lot in a while either XP

    You no longer read fanfics at the Nanoha FF thread? I normally lurk there but I haven't seen any post of you.
  10. Kaix
    2009-07-19 11:48

    We haven't talked in a while, have we? D:

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