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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Kaix
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  1. Evil Rick
    2009-07-19 11:12
    Evil Rick

    Cool sig.
  2. Evil Rick
    2009-05-22 10:26
    Evil Rick
  3. Kaix
    2009-05-22 00:37
    Congrats on releasing the second chapter of your comic!
  4. Evil Rick
    2009-05-01 01:40
    Evil Rick
    Well, I certanly didn't knew that, now I see why the fanfic & OC thread "resurected" XP

    Do you know where can I read the manga "Force"?
  5. Kaix
    2009-05-01 01:25
    The new official Nanoha manga. The manga thread's been quite actively talking about it in the past few days since the first chapter appeared on the net. xD
  6. Evil Rick
    2009-05-01 01:21
    Evil Rick

    No, what is that? O.o
  7. Kaix
    2009-04-30 23:31
    Hey! xD *waves back*

    Yea, I haven't been posting a lot lately, although I'm online everyday.

    Have you read Force yet btw?
  8. Evil Rick
    2009-04-30 23:00
    Evil Rick
    Just passing to say 'Hi' "waves"

    It's been a while since our posts meet on any thread XP
  9. Kaix
    2009-04-06 22:26
    T_T Noticed. It's quite sad, I hope she comes back soon.
  10. Evil Rick
    2009-04-06 22:21
    Evil Rick
    Thanks, and not rush yourelsf

    BTW: Have you noticed that Markesellus is misse again?

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