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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Eps~
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  1. Evil Rick
    2009-03-04 11:10
    Evil Rick

    Do share please! O3O
  2. Eps~
    2009-03-04 05:38
    OH YEAH!

    Actually I found a similar one, but it's even more nsfw
  3. Evil Rick
  4. Evil Rick
    2009-02-04 23:24
    Evil Rick

    Well... I guess we have some hunt... ehh.... I mean, some search to do
  5. Eps~
    2009-02-04 20:24
    No, sorry

    I even searched gelbooru and danbooru (over 2000 pics together) of her and didn't find the one. But if you somehow manage to find it ... do share
  6. Evil Rick
    2009-02-04 18:44
    Evil Rick
    Hey... you say you have a colection of Vita pics?

    Just wondering if you have the original pic of this image
  7. Eps~
    2008-11-24 14:41
    Thanks. Another picture for my 300+ images of Vita

    I'll give cookies as soon as I can
  8. Evil Rick
    2008-11-24 14:23
    Evil Rick
    Nope, Vita is mine >:3

    Just kidding, here it is
  9. Eps~
    2008-11-24 14:10
    Yo Ricky. Gimmie that source picture of Vita in your siggy. Pretty pleeeeease
  10. Evil Rick
    2008-10-13 19:55
    Evil Rick
    Thanks for the cookies!

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