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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Cierra
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  1. Cierra
    2009-05-16 13:25
    too bad...i so loved the set.
  2. Evil Rick
    2009-05-16 12:25
    Evil Rick
    That's because I returned to my Evil mod >:3
  3. Cierra
    2009-05-16 11:26
    chibi chibi Vivio chan is goooone! Boo!
  4. Evil Rick
    2009-05-14 10:30
    Evil Rick

    Sorry! >.< But don't worry, actually I didn't ruin anything, it has a whole story behind
  5. Cierra
    2009-05-14 10:24
    ack! Don't ruin it!
  6. Evil Rick
    2009-05-14 09:48
    Evil Rick

    Wrooong coment
  7. Cierra
    2009-05-14 01:29
    i've started watching nanoha 2 days ago so don't blame me
  8. Evil Rick
    2009-05-13 22:03
    Evil Rick
    Thankyou very much but actually it's Vivio XP

    You're like the third person to think it's Fate lol
  9. Cierra
    2009-05-13 14:37
    forgot to mention that your fate sig and avatar are adorable! I'll steal them right away!
  10. Cierra
    2009-05-13 10:03
    I always check AAA,just dun post any messages

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