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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Cierra
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  1. Evil Rick
    2009-05-13 09:54
    Evil Rick
    Don't worry, and thanks again

    PD: Don't forget to pas and visit the Artist Alike and From Afr contest to see the new stuff around
  2. Cierra
    2009-05-13 01:58
    i didn't mean that >.>
    I know you wouldn't do that but it's smt i wanted to do a long time. I like people knowing when they're using my render to know who did it
  3. Evil Rick
    2009-05-13 01:49
    Evil Rick
    Come one! I would never do something like that. Much less witha friend
  4. Cierra
    2009-05-13 01:46
    a lil img or your name to label your creations. You know what this is i just used a different word
  5. Evil Rick
    2009-05-13 01:41
    Evil Rick
    Hey thanks! XP

    BTW, What's "Stamp"? O.o...
  6. Cierra
    2009-05-13 01:19
    yeah,i know it's cute and you can use it. As long as
    I don't have a stamp for my works you can use any render you like
  7. Evil Rick
    2009-04-23 17:11
    Evil Rick
    "It may be ur nature but i'm also oversensitive"

    Don't even said that or I'll send Chibi Dizzy to force you to smile XD
  8. Cierra
    2009-04-09 13:22
    Thanks a lot for ur wishes Evil Rick!
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-04-09 00:42
    Evil Rick
    Happy Birthday Cierra!
  10. Evil Rick
    2009-03-25 11:24
    Evil Rick
    Hello there!

    Just wanted to tell you that voting phase 1 at the artists alike and from afar contest just started, don't forget to vote

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