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Conversation Between Evil Rick and Cierra
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  1. Evil Rick
    2009-03-11 11:27
    Evil Rick
    Hey Cierra, by request of some member at the artist alike and from afar gropu, you original Valky submission can enter in the submissions, I'll adit on the current list as #7
  2. Evil Rick
    2009-03-09 11:49
    Evil Rick
    Just wanted to tell you that I cannot asept your submission at the Artists Alike and From afar contest of the month. You can see all the details at the theme at tyhe social group.
  3. Evil Rick
    2009-02-20 09:40
    Evil Rick
    Cierra, sorry for the confussion at the artist alike and from afar contest, the votation phase1 starts until today at 11:59pm so your votes alredy posted will not be counted, you can vote after the 11:59 pm of today
  4. Cierra
    2009-02-15 12:28
    looks like TT is back so I guess I'll leave it ^_^
  5. Evil Rick
    2009-02-15 12:25
    Evil Rick
    Ne... just wanted to help posting the submisions on my thread. I'll still upload my thread with the next submisions but you can take care of the rest if you want
  6. Cierra
    2009-02-15 05:53
    hiyas Rick. I just checked that u made a post with this months submission so I'll just let u know that if Toxic doesn't show up till the end of the first phase i'll take care of the rest Voting Phases. if u still want to do all the rest at least use my pink banner i created! just make sure u'll make it look pink >.>
  7. Evil Rick
    2009-02-12 12:11
    Evil Rick
  8. Cierra
    2009-02-12 11:47
    here it is!Guilty Gear Chibis!
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-02-11 23:35
    Evil Rick

    May I ask for the image you used for your cute Dizzy avy?

    Plsssss!!! O3O
  10. Evil Rick
    2009-01-06 21:38
    Evil Rick
    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy new year

    Thanks for the sig also

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