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Conversation Between Sir Dearka and GundamMeisterLockon
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  1. Sir Dearka
    2010-03-12 19:02
    Sir Dearka
    Same story here. Both Wing Gundam and Wing Zero have significant meaning to me. The first one was the very first Gundam I ever saw whilst the second one was the first to impress me with its eternal might :]
  2. GundamMeisterLockon
    2010-03-12 06:29
    nice heero yuy display pic, i see you have taken a interest in the MG wing gundam? I am also fond of that unit since its the first gundam i laid eyes on.
  3. Sir Dearka
    2010-02-14 11:39
    Sir Dearka
    Yeah, same here. The Impulse in the series itself was kinda boring but what they did to its MG version is just... too great! Same for Infinite Justice. Funny. MG Force Impulse, MG Sword Impulse and MG Infinite Justice are my three favorite Master Grades of all time though they all seemed just too plain to me on the course of the show. I am a fan of both Lockons and I really look forward to the next installment to see how Lyle flows on.
  4. GundamMeisterLockon
    2010-02-14 07:26
    yo, thanks for adding me,I am in love with your sword impulse. Course i don't own any model kits of my own other then this old wing zero custom but i am quite happy and checking out the model kits at the model kit thread.

    Its also awesome to meet another Lockon fan, i always thought of Lockon as the definition of cool in gundam 00.

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