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Conversation Between Sciel and Urei
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  1. Urei
    2010-07-18 09:51
    I see, although in games such as RoF I'd expect the story to pick up somewhere in the middle and go at full pace till the end after that. Thanks for the info though. I'm planing on getting the geme, though ACE:R comes out next month. Choices
  2. Sciel
    2010-07-17 03:40
    Yup , its fluid and really it has little to do with luck and more towards your tactics in battle (and from what i've heard , there is a larger emphasize on this if you wish to replay it on harder difficulties) .

    I would like to emphasize though that story is not the strongest point of the game. The game is told in chapters and the earlier chapters are more of the "story of the week" format with only bits of the main plot told at the beginning/end of the chapter. I've not actually finished the game yet so i can't give a rating to the story .
  3. Urei
    2010-07-17 03:23
    Thanks for the opinion. I do love good old fashioned jrpgs though the gameplay of RoF seems very interesting to me. As long as it works, is fluid and does not leave more then 50% of the battle to chance and luck, I'm fine with it.
  4. Sciel
    2010-07-17 02:03
    I found Resonance of fate very good. Its not your orthodox jRPG so you might want to watch some gameplay videos and see if the overall presentation of the game suits your tastes or not.

    As for Trinity Universe, its still wrapped in the packaging >< . Just have not found the time to play it.

    Lastly, sorry for the rather late reply. Have rarely visited animesuki these few days and my computer needing to be reformatted did not help either ><.
  5. Urei
    2010-07-14 10:11
    Hey there, how did you like Resinance of Fate and Trinity Universe? I'm thinking of bying those and I'd love to hear someones opinion on those two. Thanks in advance
  6. Urei
    2009-03-16 03:58
    Hello there, I usualy don't do this...

    You have a really nice signature. Clean and sharp. Really like it. May I know who is that character?

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