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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2017-01-13 13:32
    Dann of Thursday
    So more details on Switch. Releases 3/3, $299.99. Zelda out same time. Some interesting announcements. Going to wait. Way too much right now and not a whole lot coming anytime soon along with having other things to play. Price of accessories seems insane to me as well like $70 for the Pro Controller.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2017-01-09 09:11
    Dann of Thursday
    Huh so apparently the ESRB rated Utewarerumono: Mask of Deception. So maybe we are getting that one after all. Just the Vita version thus far.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2017-01-04 13:14
    Dann of Thursday
    Mass Effect Andromeda announced for March 21, 2017. Probably just going to have to wait on that one to be honest. The first quarter of the year is just filled to the brim to the point I fear for the rest if it's like this at all.

    Good thing about waiting though is sales though.

    Also here's a rundown of the class system thus far. Not from a developer but someone putting all the info we have together to figure out more how it works.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2017-01-04 12:58
    Dann of Thursday

    Didn't know if you'd seen this but thought it worth a shot anyway. Good trailer though.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2017-01-01 10:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Nice! I think I may dive into those once FFXV is complete. I figure that should keep me pretty good and I could probably move into CS since TC from what I heard is more of a side story, though I may double check. Good luck with getting the PC all together!

    Will do.

    All the more reason to just wait on those really though there’s a demo out for Nier so I can at least try out the combat and see how I like it. Platinum does good work though and I’ve seen some really nice videos of people playing. I’d actually been hearing early reports that the single-player in For Honor isn’t all that great and seems an afterthought unless them beefing it up is in response to the talk about it. Nope not at all and I expect I won’t try anything else until FFXV is in the bag. I actually know very little on that game aside from a few things I’ve seen like trailers. Yep, watched the conference where it was announced. I’d think there’s likely something to help avoid that, but can’t say for sure yet. Looked like a slightly upgraded version of ME3 so I’m curious what other changes may have been made, though it’s all still fun regardless. I think some of the animations look a bit off like when they take the gun from the turian, but other than that it looks like more ME which isn’t a bad thing.

    Yes, they certainly don’t seem to be sparing any expense and I’m sure Sony is giving him a good budget. Hopefully trying to guide at least somewhat since I fear leaving him completely unrestrained could end up with the game taking forever and being insanely expensive in the end. I think you could infer some things, but it’s still largely a confusing jumble.

    It’s been interesting for sure seeing him become disillusioned and I’m really looking forward to seeing him meet Soma’s mother and where he progresses from there into the Jo we see now. Yeah, the teasing for it definitely seems like it could be the next big thing for the series.

    I haven’t seen the promos showing the actual show yet, just the announcement. Might be due to the studio in charge since I believe Arslan was Bones who tend to be quite fluid. It’s on my list and I’m hoping to tackle a few things that have piled up soon like it.

    I might just look at the Thrawn episodes really since I’m curious to see his full performance. Curious how much further they’ll go with that series though I suppose given the vague time frame they could go for a while. It was all very tragic with how sudden. Even worse with mother passing away within 24 hours of Carrie.

    Yes, Strange was okay though with niggling problems. The hands thing seems to vary in the comics from either being he can’t, only thinks he can’t, or doesn’t to serve as a reminder if memory serves. Not getting the title was a strange, but I figure that will be next film (Likely titled Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme). Wouldn’t count on Mads returning as his character is the definition of the throwaway villains Marvel tends to use, especially since he’s an incredibly minor one at that. Same, though I have some concerns with Spider-Man. Saw it with my sister over the break and agreed that it was quite fantastic. Disney Animation Studios has been doing fantastic the last few years overall. I don’t expect much from that film, but there’s always the chance it could turn out well. Never really cared one way or another when it came to the romance in that series myself.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-12-31 18:24
    Dann of Thursday
    I only got a little past the Prologue of FC so restarting isnít a big deal, though that beginning is a bit long. I was being thorough to make sure I got all missions completed to get everything done along with some grinding of the Shining Poms so thatís why that took a while more than anything.

    Everything Iím hearing seems to indicate things are falling apart or at least beginning to catch up with everyone. Curious if anyone will meet a good end. Itíd be something if the show ended with the vast majority of the cast killed off. Oh right, keep forgetting thatís out. Nice addition in any case.

    Shame itís rather low quality but better than nothing. I guess we wonít get a better version until some home video release thatíll have an HD version though at this point itíd be nicer to see an extended version if they have anything. Iíve skimmed some of the stuff that happened, but need to do a full watch myself. Funimation is putting it out in early 2017 and Iím very curious regarding the dub cast since Yuri and JYB arenít in their general stable of VAs and hearing others cast in those roles would be real weird to me.

    Wonder on how long itíll be then (12-25 or full 50). I think Iíd prefer something on the shorter side myself. Yeah, unfortunately that didnít pan out, which is kind of disappointing. They gave a vague mention that itís a few years later, but I rather wish some of the characters would be sporting different looks to show the passage of time. One of the neat things with this sort of thing is getting to see how characters have changed in the time since. Iíd be interested in seeing some of the cast show up as well. Thatís my guess as well though Iíd prefer if they framed any new scenes perhaps as ones that had always happened but we didnít see like filling in the gaps during those time skips near the end of R2. I feel like the most setup will occur in this last film, but I donít believe we have dates for any of this. I got the impression the films were coming this year, but Iím not sure if the series is expected as well or if thatíll be a 2018 thing. I just hope itís not a disaster and is perhaps a bit more focused.

    We talking the new chapter that just came out a little while ago or the one before that? I havenít seen scans but only read some stuff from people. Thereís apparently some confusion going on as to whether weíve been given hints of weird time stuff or everything weíre seeing of Eren is someone seeing his memories or some such. I think I heard it mentioned that in order to get full control he would need to eat someone of Royal Blood, which would leave either Historia or his half-brother. I could honestly just see him dying at the end or something and Iím not convinced there is a demon either. Kind of a tame name though I must say, but simple and to the point.

    Sure, theyíre all easy enough reads. I canít remember if you said, but which ones have you read of his aside from White Sand? Maybe though I tend to consider the successes to be exceptions rather than norms. Comixology version of the first volume is only 9.99 so I may go that route. Gotcha.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-12-31 00:00
    Dann of Thursday
    It’s all good Believe me I know. They went pretty well and I hope your holidays were good as well.

    Nice! Looks good as well and price doesn’t look too bad either. Good luck with the set-up!

    Certainly possible and it’d be a good time to do it since some may want to catch up if they haven’t. Could also lead to a price drop potentially. Yeah, 2018 is my expectation as well. Saw some of the images for it as well and it looks like some returning members but a number of new ones as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if those still around in this game come back temporarily as guests or something along those lines. I’m cool with it as well since it looks nicer and it’s probably a good idea to move up now. Eh, I could see them straight up abandoning that idea or doing some obligatory thing where you choose what you did. Yeah, I’m really not expecting them to release those anytime soon if at all. A good idea would be to do something similar to the Yakuza games, which have movies that recap the stories of the previous games to bring new players up to speed.

    Yeah, aside from Yang who is having to relearn things with the new arm, everyone else is in some sort of danger whether they are actively aware of it or not. Sounds like Ruby is about to get filled in regarding Salem, which frankly might have been a good idea regardless of her age if only to keep her informed. The stuff with Oscar/Ozpin is among the most interesting as it’s essentially sounding like a similar deal to how the Avatar works except with an already living person rather than incarnating in a newly born one. I’d guess this sort of confirms the idea that Ozpin was the wizard from the story or at least lends a lot to the theory except it wasn’t quite Ozpin then.

    That’s good and I’ve been hearing positive things. Thought the comic was cute and sweet. Don’t get all the hullabaloo about it really. Seems silly to me but then that sort of thing always does. The anger about the gay aspect anyway. The shipping anger is also silly of course, but I’ve been there (and can still go there) so I at least get that.

    I like it for the most part but there are a number of design decisions that irk me and make some things more tedious then they need to be. And that’s not talking about the story, though I’m still not far enough to make solid judgments of my own. I know I was able to get a lot up very quickly, but that’s going to slow down a lot since the only reason I was able to upload speedily was due to being at home with my family who have much better internet than me. I will as time goes on. That’s good to hear.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-12-30 19:36
    Okay, took care of all those winter purchases for TS FC and SC on steam, also got the complete saga of the Agarest series while I was at it. Now just got to put together this damn PC over the weekend, download the steam app and actually play them...

    Kay, let me know if/when you get a chance to purchase/read the Court of the Dead and we'll talk more then. I'm not complaining if that was the case, Shard's certainly an interesting prospect for an already interesting concept.

    Well it turns out you won't be getting that much of a reprieve after Horizon with Nier being released on March 7th, hope that's enough time on your end. I'm gonna be busy just watching all these when February hits now that For Honor is beefing up its single-player campaign with gameplay footage and its recent story trailer. Had any time to try out Last Guardian to form your own opinion on the matter? I've been delaying checking it out until I finish going through FFXV. Speaking of cool PS4 news I assume you've heard about LoU Part 2? Would be nice if they could, especially with a hybrid system like this one where weird combinations might screw us over if they're locked. Regardless I'm enjoying the recent gameplay footage coming out of ME:A and the combination of the fluid/updated ME combat system with the freedom of an open world environment, curious to see who fills out the remaining crew roster as well.

    I think so as well, especially if we have to wait until the middle of the game to actually meet/talk to said family members. Anyway I'm generally liking what I'm seeing thus far and hope a release date/update for ME:A comes out soon now.

    I saw and it's cool seeing Mads in so many different media outlets though I'm wondering how much Kojima has in the budget to pay all these celebrities to appear in his game for any extended amount of time along with whose next on his cast of course. Still have no damn clue what it's about though, oiled sea gut tanks, more umbilical chords and babies in jars haven't clarified that matter unfortunately

    Well the recent chapters of Shokugeki delving into the Polar Star and Jo's history are certainly interesting, I figured it was going to be that he was either driven away or he just got fed up and left so it's nice to see one of those scenarios playing out, wonder how/when Jo met Soma's mom now to settle him down from his funk. I also think this Blue competition thing he skipped out on might be the setup for the next arc of Shokugeki once Azami's finally dealt with, looking forward to that in any event along with expanding the character roster/cooking genres to include the world outside Japan hopefully.

    Great news about Altair, saw some promos and the animation quality isn't quite as fluid as I'd like so far, still hoping they at least match Arslan when it comes to the combat scenes but regardless I hope this generates more interest/support for the series as a whole. I do hope you get a chance to start reading up on it now though, again I think the scanlators have at least ended their current progress at a nice arc and now would be a good chance to catch up, let me know if do in any event.

    Star Wars Rebels hit its mid-season finale so now would be a good time to catch up, Thrawn aside the recent story involving Maul just got very interesting and makes me wonder how they'll use this to resolve Rebels with the rest of the Star Wars franchise now. Also sad news about the actress who played Princess Leia btw, at least from what I heard she finished her scenes for the next movie so that'll be a cool tribute in any event. Makes me lament Han dying in Force Awakens even more now though <_<

    Saw both Strange and Moana, enjoyed both quite a bit though it almost felt like Strange was too short and there are so many avenues and questions to be answered going forward now since he a) didn't fix his hands and b) hasn't quite gotten the title of Sorcerer Supreme just yet, hope Mads comes back since I enjoyed his villain and his little dialogue exchange with Strange though I'm looking forward even more to the upcoming confrontation with Mordoe. Regardless I hope Spiderman and Black Panther have as successful a debut now. Moana, if you haven't seen it yet, definitely shot up to one of my top Disney movies, partly cause it was cool seeing Lin-Manuel (writer of Hamilton musical) in it as well as the whole underlying message really resonating with me, hope you've gotten a chance to check it out for yourself and let me know what you thought Oh and one final thing, kind of meh so far on the Ghost in the Shell movie trailer, can't really take the Major's combat costume seriously in live action, looks like pajamas, plus I'm eh on them reinforcing the bi-sexual theme with her since I'm a Kuze/Major fan from Second Gig and I somewhat feel bad for Batou and his obvious crush. We'll see how it goes I guess.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-12-30 00:17
    It is but I haven't set up my computer yet so it doesn't matter, and again I was gonna wait/hold off until 3rd comes out to get them all. But if I finish installing everything this weekend/upcoming week I'll see if I can't get them both before the sale passes by. Be sure to pick them up on your end if you haven't though. How far along are you with that series btw?

    Anyway, turns out you might be right about Orphans, at least as of this half-way point anyway, I might hold off and see myself how the next few episodes turn out. On the bright side this means I can FINALLY finish Origin 4 Also, just fyi but Unicorn got announced for Toonami at 1:00 now, no idea if it's the OVA version of that 0096 one but yea, more Gundam exposure in the U.S. Probably the summer but have to wait and see, wonder what direction they'll go in the franchise this time though.

    EDIT: Ah, looked at the tv schedule and it's apparently the 0096 version premiering on Toonami after all, something different for me to watch on top of the dub since I skipped that one.

    Ah thank god, just watched that PV you said was going to come out and it looks like you're right after all, I really couldn't take it if that was the case this time though I suppose I SHOULD get around to watching Akito finally as well <_< Anyway I think they advertised this as a proper season from what I've read so that's good at least. Hmm, doesn't look like it in Kallen's case at least based on this rather poor PV I'm watching, looks like she's still going with the same spikey design as before. Well now you've sealed it I gotta finish Akito (I spoiled myself to see if it was safe at the end at least though, so I wonder if we'll see him appear in this new season), I wouldn't be surprised if they introduced such concepts in the OVAs in order to set things up for this third season though. Well as of the latest chapter the urgency for MAKING a decision just got amped up given the new time limit of 13 years for the shifters, wonder if the King power can do something if they can somehow tap into its full potential cause it seems pretty damn cruel to force THAT on Eren when we still don't know if Eren can even USE the power, like maybe they track down this demon dissolve the whole pact for this Titan ability or something. Nice title drop in any event, wondered for awhile what Eren's Titan was going to be called.

    I'll take your word for it in that case, need to actually read Mistborn before I think about tackling the other stuff to form an opinion on the matter. That is the worry given how hit or miss a lot of alternate movie adaptations turn out to be though Brandon is pretty popular so maybe they can ride that like Tolkien or GRRM. Kay, no rush since it won't be till next summer at least before the second volume of White Sand comes out. I'll see about finally getting around to that Warcraft Chronicles file upload once my new PC is installed as well.

    Given recent news about Altair, newest chapters of Shokugeki, ME:Andromeda news along with various other game titles, my having finally seen Dr. Strange and Moana along with Star Wars Rebels mid-season finale I'm gonna wrap things up in a third/final post tomorrow.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-12-29 19:19
    Dann of Thursday
    FYI but last I checked Trails in the Sky FC and SC were on sale on Steam for the winter sale. FC $9.99 and SC $19.99.

    Not sure if it is still going.

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