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Conversation Between ganbaru and Star-Wing
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  1. ganbaru
    2011-08-05 06:04
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Star-Wing
    2010-09-29 06:57
    I meant aurora borealis (just got the right name after I googled it ^^; ). I think it's those light effects in near north pole....your sig seems to have it towards the right.
  3. ganbaru
    2010-09-22 03:44
    Yes, I have a thread.
  4. Star-Wing
    2010-09-21 21:05
    Oh okies...silly me ^.^; I love most of your sigs anyways, but this and the last one seemed a bit strange to me, sorry. Btw, you have your own thread? I am bad with navigation of forums...
    Aah, I do use those borders but yours is giving a different faded effect. So I thought it's something new
  5. ganbaru
    2010-09-21 21:02
    Actualy it isn't supposed to look like the sea but to bea snow filled field, and about the faded edge, it can be done while modifying the level or the brightness.
  6. Star-Wing
    2010-09-11 08:11
    Star-Wing 8,8/10 good luck for SOTM
    Thank you <3
    Best of luck to you too!

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