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Conversation Between ganbaru and Hooves
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  1. ganbaru
    2012-02-25 00:00
    To answer your question I would first need what kind of book do you prefer and them I might help.
  2. Hooves
    2012-02-24 20:23
    Hello ganbaru, just dropping by to see if you have any recommendations for books. Since you seem to read awfully a lot of books, I was wondering if you would like to suggest some
  3. Hooves
    2011-12-26 00:34
    Merry Christmas to you ganbaru, and a Happy New Years~
  4. Hooves
    2011-10-22 22:23
    I must say, that's quite an adorable avatar/signature you have there ganbaru
  5. Hooves
    2011-07-19 08:56
    I love them Thank you very much ganbaru!
  6. Hooves
    2011-07-12 11:58
    Well that factor depends on who rates it. Either way I'm fine with either way, the comment I made really didn't affect how I rated your avatar. It might be a positive for some, while a little surprising for others. Also I'm well known for apologizing for many things so it's probably a habit I need to grow out of
  7. ganbaru
    2011-07-12 11:44
    There's no reason to be sorry, there weren't any exessiveness. I was just wondering about the '' but she is naked'' part of the rating, it sounded somehow as if it would have been better if she would had her cloth on .
  8. Hooves
    2011-07-12 11:04
    There's really no problem with your avatar or signature, and sorry if the excessive comment wasn't needed.
  9. Hooves
    2011-02-09 18:49
    Happy Birthday ganbaru
  10. Hooves
    2011-01-21 14:12
    My avatar is somewhat unusual?

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