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Conversation Between ganbaru and Krytonis
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  1. Krytonis
    2014-11-10 07:53
    Thank you ganbaru-san
  2. ganbaru
    2014-11-09 06:14
    Happy Birthday!
  3. Krytonis
    2013-12-25 11:45
    Merry Christmas ganbaru-senpai!
  4. ganbaru
    2013-11-09 05:10
    Happy Birthday!
  5. ganbaru
    2012-11-09 06:10
    Happy birthday!
  6. ganbaru
    2012-02-10 04:24
    I don't really have much preference between the two; the Korean one i supposed to be the original but the english one is easier to read for the rest of the forum. If to wouldbe one of my signature, I would be using both but my position on quote is a bit of a ''purist''.
  7. Krytonis
    2012-02-10 01:57
    Happy Birthday ganbaru-senpai!! I guess the time difference matters?

    Also, one question. Would you prefer me to use translated Korean language in my sig, or would you like the Korean version?
  8. ganbaru
    2012-01-22 12:49
    I would say than I am not doing much, being betweem some good books and work.
  9. Krytonis
    2012-01-22 07:57
    How are you doing ganbaru-senpai? I haven't seen you on for a while Hope your doing OK?

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