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Conversation Between C.C. and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-21 08:03
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh yes, I'd also think that any relationship between them would probably appear rather subtle on the surface given their personalities. Neither strikes me as the type be extremely lovey dovey or any of that. They would be rather playful as they seem to be in their little arguments, but still close to one another. I can't imagine either saying "I love you" really either since C.C. to me is too prideful to do that and Lelouch just seems like too much of an idiot in terms of romance to do something of that sort except every once and a while. This might change as time goes on of course, but initially I believe it would probably be like this.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-20 23:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Alright, now for the rest.

    One could say he had strong feelings for all the girls (as well as some guys like Suzaku, Rolo, and Rivalz) though the only one that could be determined as love would be Nunnally since we actually have heard him say it (and that time with her Geassed was just incredibly sweet). I don't personally believe it is obvious for any of the girls besides Nunnally and that it is only so obvious as one chooses to believe. In any case, Shirley has the most obvious case as her feelings are quite blatent along with some scenes with Lelouch which show some closeness, Kallen to me has the weakest case for a number of reasons already expressed along with others, and C.C.'s is something of an odd one at first glance.

    I agree with pretty much all of what you said. Their relationship was pretty cold and business like at first until episode 11, which was the first time C.C. opened herself up to Lelouch even if it had been unintentional. That was the point at which to me Lelouch started viewing her as more of a person and C.C. started thinking of him as more than simply a means to an end. This can be seen in the ways in which she reacts to some things such as seeming jealous, though she denies this quite outright of course. Then we have 15 where Lelouch goes through a lot to get her back and we see C.C. worrying about Lelouch becoming attached to her.

    At this point, I'd say C.C. didn't want to think Lelouch had any profound attachment to her at all and she also denied feeling anything for him as well so as to avoid something happening. A few times this doesn't work out such as when she comforted Lelouch after Euphie. The we have the scene in 25 of season 1 where Lelouch tell her she is not alone and all that, which I think affects C.C. quite a bit at that point.

    Now, in the majority of season 2 one could possibly say that there was little involvement between Lelouch and C.C. and this is somewhat true to a degree. The first episode though features a bit with Lelouch and C.C. such as her saying she knows the true him, him just going forward like that, and the way she said his name after being shot. After that, their relationship for the most part seems to return very much to the business aspect with Lelouch then seeming to get a lot of development with Kallen and some with Shirley (the intial bits with Kallen to me seemed to be Lelouch trying to regain her trust after her almost shooting him and such). Personally, I think Kallen's development could have been better spent without any of this, but whatever. Lelouch's non-involvement with C.C. can be attributed to a number of reasons such as her being given several responsibilities by Lelouch now, Lelouch having more time devoted to doing stuff at school, him being seriously preoccupied with getting Nunnally back and building his army back up. Now, there is the time of course where Lelouch got all depressed and such. The bit with Kallen really displays nothing since he very likely would have done such a thing with any woman who came to him and this really doesn't seem at all to reflect any feelings on his part to Kallen (I don't equate lust to love and I can't even call what happened here lust anyway).

    We do see here a scene with C.C. being happy for Lelouch's return, but then hiding it as soon as Kaguya notices. This to me is an example of her having developing feelings in a sense. Anyway, not much happens until we get to 15 where it becomes quite clear that Lelouch is someone quite important to C.C. despite her claims otherwise. Lelouch's reaction to everything says something on his part for once since he seems to have trouble accepting that C.C. wants to die and at that point was likely to die. His inability to place what C.C. is to him is something as well since it should seemingly be easy for him to say so unless he had perhaps never thought about it before then and his words when reaching out to her such as promising to make her smile and knowing her true wish say much on his part.

    Not much needs to be said for Lelouch's reaction to C.C.'s memory loss I feel since it seemed clear he intended to take care of her (I always felt a bit annoyed when Lelouch said to himself that he would leave C.C. in Kallen's hands when it seemed at that point that C.C. was the last thing on her mind at all). C.C. sealing herself away and not knowing why does say something though. To me, she was likely scared that she had stopped herself from finally dying and didn't fully understand (or chose not to think about it) why she had stopped.

    Anyway, the rest of the scenes speak for themselves like the scene in the bedroom and the hanger scene that got interrupted (WHYYY!!!!). Either way, I feel quite content in seeing something between Lelouch and C.C. and thinking that by the end that C.C. had accepted her feelings and that Lelouch perhaps realized he felt something for her as well.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-20 12:10
    Dann of Thursday
    You know, this is what I'll always think and continue to believe in. I'm just a kind of person that's calm but when people continue to persist, lost her temper.

    Then continue to do so because I know I and others will as well. And I can get like that too at times.

    Because the most of the time I start to think to something I'd love to see in these picture dramas, and if I think too much I can be maybe more disappointed than upset. T_T Lelouch is not supposed to talk, or at least, he's surely not in the cast of the last one. What I was thinking about the last one, will be just a final image with him and C.C. together... T___T And I'm more than sure that my wish won't be granted, so I won't think anymore! XD

    Oh, you get your expectations too high. I can understand doing that, but the best is probably to expect next nothing at all. Oh, of course he wouldn't be in the last one. Everyone thinks he is dead after all. And I really would not expect any sort of image of Lelouch and C.C. together at the end of that one. That's thinking way too hopefully. Personally, I like to think that that one Newtype cover with them in what looks to be summer clothes is one that takes place after the show, but that is just me.

    Yes, I have them! *_* Sorry for the quality, but it's a miracle that a girl took these scene with her mobile T__T

    Huh, I wasn't expecting that exactly. Looks like she and Cecile spent some time with one another at the very least and probably discussed some things. Could be interesting. Thank you.

    This is the C.C. we always saw when she was with him. As for when she lived with him in the Ashford or in S2 when she was with him in their room. Maybe it's just a way to avoid thinking of what will happen.. how sad.

    Well, I was thinking even happier than that since she wouldn't be preoccupied in her mind with wishing to die. She always did seem to enjoy her little talks with Lelouch and he probably likes doing that as well.

    And the rest of it.....

    Well, they are free to believe otherwise as they see fit. No, I don't really bother with such things but I can't see how some poem is meant to confirm anything at all. It may speak something about her feelings, but it certainly doesn't feature one thing regarding Lelouch's view of things. I think people sometimes forget (and this is with all pairings) that Lelouch is supposed to be involved with this as well. I don't know for sure about stupid, but several of her actions simply reflected to me that she didn't understand Lelouch quite that well. Ashlay did some posts in the past regarding this that I thought made sense.

    Yes, I made a mistake with when I was thinking about the timeline. I suppose it will probably be Cecile and C.C. talking and then Jeremiah and Lloyd speaking. And yes, I think that as well and it seems right to see how everyone at school is.

    Well, the shot of the driver itself does not mean much except to determine for ourselves whether it is someone or not, but I'm inclined to agree of course. To me, the crane is a piece of evidence since it would be considered a token of Nunnally. It wouldn't make sense for C.C. to take a token to remember Lelouch by with the crane since the king piece would make more sense so I view it as Lelouch taking it as something to remember Nunnally by along with how it is positioned closer to the driver than to C.C. Along with this of course are C.C.'s words themselves which seem to indicate that she is no longer alone, as well as Lelouch, and I suppose the rest of the world too. If Lelouch was dead and she was all alone, I don't think she would be saying something like that so happily.

    Um, who is Sharuru? Anyway, I suppose his Geass evolving was a way of showing he could now get through to the gods but it does make little sense outside of that. After that is also that the camera shows us that the hand that Charles grabs Lelouch's throat with is the one with the Code on it as well as how Lelouch says Begone!! to them and makes them leave and all that. It allows one to create a case. He retained his Geass because it was not the Code of his giver he recieved, but that of another as well as that it hadn't activated since one can make a case that a first death is required to activate the Code.

    And yes, that whole explanation for Nunnally seems quite flimsy to me since it pretty much comes out of nowhere (her previous instances of seemingly being able to tell if someone is lying by holding their hand actually can be done and may have been something she started to know). That's most of what I can remember anyway.

    I need to get to work so I'll shall answer the rest later. Bye for now.
  4. C.C.
    2009-02-20 09:27
    About the other question, about C.C. and Lelouch, I have another essay! XD Let's start from the begin. I'm more than sure that Lelouch had strong feelings just for three female characters in Code Geass: Nunnally, Shirley and C.C.. Ok,it is obvious that he had feelings for all the others too, Kallen included, but it was not like these. As for Nunnally, we all know that Lelouch loved her with all his heart and he did what he could for his beloved sister *now I start to cry thinking to Turn 25 when he used the Geass on her saying that he loves her sigh* so I'm not talking about her {after being angry with Nunnally for all the series and more, I ended to like her character even if she was wrong with Lelouch since the begin of S2}. The relationship with Shirley is rather complex, but what I want to say is that Lelouch trusted her very much, and when he could, he asked her about many things he couldn't undertand {I love this part of Lelouch <3}, acting like Shirley explained. I think that this was nearly love for Lelouch, because I never saw him trust a person like this, Shirley was not just a friend, she's the person who addresses him to the power of love, the one that he followed till the end of the story, the one that could let him feeling alive. But she died because of this. She couldn't be Lelouch's lover, and this is Shirley's sad epilogue. ;~; At the end, we arrive to C.C.. Their relationship was very tight since her first 'Mitsuketa watashi no...' in the first episode of S1, where they made the contract. Many things made their bond more solid. At the begin they were accomplice, yes, but piece by piece they started to know better each other, to know the real person that they were {in S2 they both said that they knew the true self of the other, C.C. in Turn 1 and Lelouch in Turn 15}. They know all about the other one, it's true. C.C. was near him since he was a child, Lelouch was the only one who was allowed to access to her memories, the ONLY one who knew who was C.C. and tried to save her from her desire to die. There are many scenes that can let understand what's going on in their minds and hearts, in this case. But the ones I think explain better their bond are in the 15th episode of S1, when Lelouch saved her from Mao {he hold tighthly her hand in the last moments of the episode, throwing his hat, and don't forget he said he made something more with her XD}. In other random episodes XD when C.C. was jealous of Shirley giving him the tickets for the concert, when she was the only one who can comfort him for Euphemia's death, when in the last episode he said that if she was a witch, he would became a warlock and she kissed him {he had such a cute expression one moment later *blushes*} and when he told Kaguya that he chose to take the devil's path -following C.C.-. Then, in S2 there's something more obvious to me. That's not just from C.C., it's from Lelouch too. Apart the fact that he trusted her in Turn 1 when she said that she knew his true self, even if he didn't remember what he did (that's already a meaning), there are too many scenes that are surely to represent something about their relationship.
    I'm not going to write them all here XD but a stupid example is Turn 15. Lelouch says "my..." and not always there, he always addresses to C.C. as "my" but he never add anything else XD Stupid Lelouch. It would be easier if in Turn 24 Kallen won't interrupt their hug {and missed kiss, who knows}, but the fact that he said to C.C. that he will keep his promise and doesn't care about Kallen was a proof, no? And when in Turn 23 C.C. hold his hand trying to comfort him... I think that Lelouch never expose himself this much; he did it just with C.C., she was the only one who can fully understand her feelings, and he always counted on her. I got lost among my words, I hope that what I wrote will make sense XD But there are too many things that I'd like to say about them. I really think that their love is reciprocal.

    As for Gundam 00, I hope to see something satisfying in these last episodes, I liked the first season very much, this is just... a random sequel, I think. -.-

    Don't worry about the wishes! ^-^ I'm happy the same, thank you!<3

    {OMG sorry for the double post, but text was too long XD}
  5. C.C.
    2009-02-20 09:25
    So believe in the survival of Lelouch as an immortal with C.C., watching over the world.

    You know, this is what I'll always think and continue to believe in. I'm just a kind of person that's calm but when people continue to persist, lost her temper.

    Why would it cause you to be upset though?
    Because the most of the time I start to think to something I'd love to see in these picture dramas, and if I think too much I can be maybe more disappointed than upset. T_T Lelouch is not supposed to talk, or at least, he's surely not in the cast of the last one. What I was thinking about the last one, will be just a final image with him and C.C. together... T___T And I'm more than sure that my wish won't be granted, so I won't think anymore! XD

    And what is this about C.C. playing a harp?
    Yes, I have them! *_* Sorry for the quality, but it's a miracle that a girl took these scene with her mobile T__T

    Given time with Lelouch, I'm sure she would probably become less reserved and more happy.
    This is the C.C. we always saw when she was with him. As for when she lived with him in the Ashford or in S2 when she was with him in their room. Maybe it's just a way to avoid thinking of what will happen.. how sad.

    He viewed her as an important friend in my view as he did the rest of the council.
    Yeah, this is what I see too! XD And what people can't understand. I don't know if you read livejournal or not, but I tried to explain this to an anonymous that attacked me because I said that Kallen's poem in the Regret Message is the proof that she's stupid. Meh, maybe it's just that people are blind and tries to persuade the others and themselves too.

    I said that the picture dramas are the one of C.C., Cecile, Jeremiah and Lloyd -in dvd 8- and the one with the student council gathering -in dvd 9-. And I said too that I was happy to see that C.C. is not present in the last one, since I think she is with Lelouch! I read the plot in the official site of the dvds, so they're real, not fake ones. Don't worry, I'm happy to explain my POW since you're one of the few people with whom I can still talk about Code Geass! *-* So, I think that Lelouch is alive because of the origami that C.C. was carrying with her in the cart. This could be stupid, but it was just over the carter's head, and obviously, for me, the carter is Lelouch. This is because of his body, clothes and the fact that we can't see his face, hidden in a sunny day. More, C.C. rises her voice when she calls him at the end of the epilogue. Another thing I think about this, is that there were no particular needs to let evolve Lelouch's Geass in both his eyes. So, why? And why Sharuru became superman, holding his neck? I think that all these things that we can consider something without a sense, have a double goal. The thing I'm more into is that he survived because he became immortal thanks to Sharuru's Geass {instead the one of C.C.} and the scene that trust this opinion more than anything else is when Nunnally touches him when he's about dying { ;__; } and sees all the things he made up to that moment. I know that it is said that in, the site that Japanese people can access from their mobile, that Nunnally, being blind for a long time, gained the power to see in people's mind just touching them, but since I can't consider her a goddess or something near that, I'd say that this was because it is the power of Geass that allow this visions {as it happened previously with C.C.}. *mumble mumble* I'm trying to remember other things XD Oh, yes, I can include the fact of the last picture drama with no C.C. and no Lelouch, but this doesn't concern the anime. And the open ending is another hint, even if you said that Taniguchi frequently makes ends like these.. I'll add more things if they come in my mind! XD
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-19 22:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah yes, and I also have forgotten to wish you a happy belated birthday! I didn't notice till just a while ago, sorry.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-19 09:50
    Dann of Thursday
    C.C., something struck me as odd when I thought about it. You said the last two dramas would be one with C.C. and several others talking before the day the Zero Requiem took place (do you have any preview pics by the way?) and another with just the council gathering. But that doesn't make sense since each DVD has only one drama and unless I am mistaken, those two would take place at some point during and after 25.

    And this other question is odd, but do you believe in Lelouch being alive as well as him holding feelings for C.C. and vice versa and why. Odd I know, but I get curious about these things with some people.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-18 14:21
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I don't think there are all that many. It truly is up to each of us individually to decide what sort of things happen with all the characters, the events of the show permitting this of course. But what exactly is wrong with viewing the show in this manner? We're not using it to view life, but using it to view a television show. I wouldn't recommend doing such a thing in real life, but with ficitional life such as those found in books, television, and the like, I think it can be quite healthy since it allows for your imagination to roam free. So believe in the survival of Lelouch as an immortal with C.C., watching over the world. I like the sound of it myself, so I believe it.

    I'll await for your thoughts, but they don't really trouble me for reasons I have stated before. Why would it cause you to be upset though? Is Lelouch supposed to speak during this at all? And what is this about C.C. playing a harp? That is somewhat interesting and I would have to wonder as to what the circumstances for her doing so would be, though it may be to relax just a bit since she would almost surely be distressed over what was going to happen. C.C. is always calm whenever possible, though she is of course capable of being emotional under certain circumstances. Given time with Lelouch, I'm sure she would probably become less reserved and more happy.

    Oh, canon is such an overrated word these days. I suppose I understand the need for such a thing, but it truly seems to be thrown about way too much. The matter of romance with Lelouch is completely open to interpretation, though I personally find it quite hard to draw up a case for Lelouch having feelings for Kallen. I've not much trouble with C.C. given some events (such as that little scene in 24) and one can also form a case for Shirley. Kallen though, just doesn't come across like that in any way. She lacks the development that was present with C.C. and Shirley (even if Shirley's was sort of erased) back in season 1 since her interactions mainly revolved around her loyalty to Zero and such. I simply can't really see where these feelings for Kallen are supposed to come from. I think the case for the whole kiss thing is supposed to be that Lelouch's silence means he had feelings for her, but chose not to express it. That certainly is a way of looking at it though personally I thought he said nothing because he didn't want to draw her in this as well as not hurt her feelings any more than possible. He viewed her as an important friend in my view as he did the rest of the council.

    In regards to the whole rescuing bit, I don't think that had as much to do with Nunnally really. Since she was captured right after that episode where he formed that hope of getting the council all together again since they are his friends, I considered it to be mainly due to that along with not wanting to lose a friend who was sort of in the situation thanks to him.

    And really, the person Lelouch thought of most was probably Nunnally. Lelouch has always been something of an idiot when it came to romance so he'd probably be just as unsure as we would be.

    I generally don't like many of the characters of 00. None of them have recieved all that much development or at least the new ones have not, which is unfortunate. They seem to keep comparing Lyle to Neil, which I think is a mistake and not showing us much of Anew safe the bare facts. And her betrayal is rather up in the air since it isn't clear whether she is a puppet of some sort or not and whether Lyle can get her back.

    A character like Marina isn't likely to change at all really and neither do I expect Setsuna to show any great change in personality

    The slap was rather funny. I don't see anything wrong with it and it would be a fitting end for him to me with all his superiority talk. And yes, that is pretty much all Graham is good for at this point since his only motivation seems to be fighting Setsuna.

    That's up in the air at the moment, but hopefully some of the couples will make it out like them as well as Saji and Louise.
  9. C.C.
    2009-02-18 12:31
    I don't know about other explainations about the end of Code GEASS, nor from Taniguchi neither Okouchi or others. People just try to let the other think what they want, I hate this way of viewing life.

    Yes, I can't really wait to see this picture drama (and the last one XD)! I'm nervous when I think of it... I'm trying not to imagine of what there could be, because it is just few minutes and I'm sure I'll be upset. But I'm unsure about that C.C.'s playing the harp, it's very strange, but rather cute, she knows many things and it's a pity that we don't know her properly. T___T But if she has to act in some ways, I think she will always stay calm as usual. No, don't worry, people usually bother me just when they say that something is canon {like Lelouch x Kallen} when it is not the truth (and there's nothing more than friendship from his part). I'm sure that we all have our opinion, and if at the end Lelouch died I can't still understand why saying that Kallen won, when she just kissed him when he was like a wall and nothing more. T_T I think she would give away a kidney to have the chance to get a random scene like the ones of Lelouch and C.C.. She ALWAYS thought to Lelouch {we have to remember that Lelouch saved Kallen because Nunnally was in the same place, even if he promised that he would do his best to take her away from Britannia's hands}, but I don't think there was a singular scene where she was reciprocated. Lelouch thought just to Nunnally, Shirley and C.C. . Obviously, to the others to, but they were always in his thoughts (with Rolo just after Turn 19).

    Maybe it's just my POW then, but I really can't stand Lyle and Anew. <_< Then, FINALLY she betrayed the CB, I'm relieved now. And I hope she will die soon to protect who she wants. -.- At the begin of the second season, Marina was not this bad, but I think that her non-violence way to think is totally wrong. _ I think that she will act that way till the end at this point! >_> Poor Setsuna ;___; he's still Gandamu after all. XD

    I love Ribbons way to slap people! XD I hope that at the end it won't be as you said, because seeing Regene betraying him, would be REALLY foregone (and ironical too), because of Alejandro.. T_T If Mizushima has no ideas, then.. _ At this rate, Graham will just look at all the battles and fight against Setsuna at the end, as in S1. ;_;

    Ahahah XD You're right, but I hope she will stay with Alle at the end too {and kill Andrei <_<}
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-13 21:52
    Dann of Thursday
    No, all the other stuff was said by either Okouchi or some other staff members. I haven't come across anything else besides that last bit from him in regards to the ending in all its parts. From what I have seen, he would be the type to leave it open in that regard. He generally does that sort of thing with his shows, leaving the fates of characters and what happens after in the hands of the viewer.

    Well, to me they were just some nice thing that gave you some info on certain things. They never seemed extremely important to me, but then that is me. And that one with C.C. and the others does sound rather interesting. I'm curious what C.C. would have been acting the night before or if she would just have acted like her detached self. And I agree wholeheartedly. One thing I still can't get is this whole thing with Kallen with so many being so sure when I look at it several different ways and simply can't see it. Yet that isn't really a problem I guess since the same must be thought of me in the case of the other fans, though I do dislike whenever I see someone shoving their beliefs down someone else's throat like it is fact. I do hope I haven't come off that way to you though. Granted, in the end no one really won out, but I felt that there were a few good scenes with Lelouch and C.C. near the end. Enough at least that we could all come to our own conclusions, whatever we might be in favor in.

    Well, that isn't there fault so much as the writers. I can see that they are pretty much the outsiders of the group with each being the newest member which gives them something in common and was probably one of the reasons Lyle spent time with her. And it makes sense to me since their relationship probably hasn't been going on for long and perhaps he was a little reluctant to bring up the subject of family lest he have to talk about his. It doesn't seem too random to me really.

    Well, to be honest, I never thought much of Marina at any point. She was much too wishy-washy to me to really stand as a main character and she really needed to me more of a back-bone. Setsuna has made some progress, but not as much as one would have hoped.

    Well, I'm not all for him too, but I just think that he seems to be building up to backstabbing Ribbons and I wouldn't be surprised if they went for irony. And yeah, Graham doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose anymore which is rather sad since he seemed to actually have some motivation last season.

    Offhand, I'd say no since Sergei died already. You can never tell though. They could all be dead.

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