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Conversation Between Elicit and Sonae
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  1. Sonae
    2009-02-02 06:10
    Like my avatar?
  2. Sonae
    2009-01-02 01:41
    You should take a look in the Avatar & Signature Thread
  3. Sonae
    2009-01-01 01:32
    Hey! Reply to my last comment!
  4. Sonae
    2008-12-30 15:17
    Did you see all of the new avatars I made?
  5. Sonae
    2008-12-27 22:56
    Like my OT3 avatar? If you want to see more of her work. find the UMFABOUSLY LJ Community
  6. Elicit
    2008-12-25 09:24
    I know that.
  7. Sonae
    2008-12-25 09:23
    We use the same graphics editor pretty much. Photoshop CS2 and ImageReady CS2 come in a set. Photoshop CS2 is the harder to use one though.
  8. Elicit
    2008-12-25 09:17
    Sounds complicated.
  9. Sonae
    2008-12-25 09:15
    It's by a friend. Lol. She told me she uses Photoshop CS2. LIKE OMG?! WHAT!? THAT'S WHAT I USE!! Why can't I make stuff that pretty D= Probably cause I use it's counterpart, ImageReady CS2
  10. Elicit
    2008-12-25 09:12
    I see now.

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