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Conversation Between Zaku Hyuga and Keikan
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  1. Keikan
    2008-07-05 02:55
    Heheheheh ... it's ok, it just gives me more time to make my winning entry . Vote 1 Keikan!!! Shameless self-promotion is the best isn't it??
  2. Zaku Hyuga
    2008-07-04 20:08
    Zaku Hyuga
    Of course it did, thats where I got the idea. I'm attempting to make the entry thread right now. I'm quite a bit late from when I said I would post it. *other half of Zaku* I reminded you to post it DAAAAAYS ago!!! *Zaku* I know! I'm sorry! Darned online games! :thumbs-up:
  3. Keikan
    2008-07-03 19:09
    Good one Zaku. A Grass Village ninja. A definate challenge to creative minds . Can't wait to enter. So did your Zetsu-style conversation work??
  4. Zaku Hyuga
    2008-06-30 23:49
    Zaku Hyuga
    Well I believe I'll start out by having a conversation with myslef to get some ideas flowing then make a decision
  5. Keikan
    2008-06-30 23:17
    So are you going to have a conversation with yourself about what the next topic should be, or are you just going to make a decision??
  6. Keikan
    2008-06-30 23:11
    Heh, I forgot time conversions.
  7. Zaku Hyuga
    2008-06-30 22:29
    Zaku Hyuga
    Yeah it has I was just heading over to officialy close it down and get official vote tally. Well actually there's another half hour left, doesn't end till midnight. So unless some major voting action happens, there won't be much change.
  8. Keikan
    2008-06-30 22:22
    Hey Zaku. The voting for June has finished hasn't it??

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