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Conversation Between qtipbrit and Daniel E.
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  1. Daniel E.
    2009-06-11 00:48
    Daniel E.
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Daniel E.
    2008-07-05 14:52
    Daniel E.
    Oops, sorry about the late reply. I am still trying to get my computer back to square one and couldn't reply to your comment sooner.

    Anyway, regardless of how one goes about pronouncing my username, it was just a silly thing thing I though on the spot during my noob days.
  3. qtipbrit
    2008-07-03 19:52
    Mexican Lime?

    I kind of read it like Mexi - can - ime with the thingie.
    Works decently well, I think.
  4. Daniel E.
    2008-07-03 18:59
    Daniel E.
    For me the problem is the point were the two "an" collide.

    That would be.. Mexican and Anime.

    As it is, I feel like reading it as Mexican-ime, wich IMHO, sounds a bit strange.
  5. qtipbrit
    2008-07-03 18:52
    I think they're both relatively easy.
    Not like AnimMexicanime.
  6. Daniel E.
    2008-07-03 18:49
    Daniel E.
    AniMexican is easier to pronounce.
  7. qtipbrit
    2008-07-03 18:29
    I don't take kindly to AniMexicans.

    Mexicanime is better.

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