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Conversation Between qtipbrit and Seishi
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  1. Seishi
    2008-10-22 00:25
  2. qtipbrit
    2008-07-09 22:41
    uh, good.
    Summer's cooler, winter's warmer, more palm trees, more weed, and less caribou.

    Oh, and more people.
    Like 3 million more.
  3. Seishi
    2008-07-09 22:36
    Right. Canada sucks

    So how's living in the Republic of California compared to the Dominion of Canadia
  4. qtipbrit
    2008-07-09 22:32
    Yeah, pretty much no one cares about French Canada. Or Canada, for that matter.
    But we have the capital in Eastside, ha.

    I actually took four years of high school French and didn't really know much from the few years I spent in Canadia.
  5. Seishi
    2008-07-09 22:25
    Yes I understand everything you said, yes I've taken French to grade 12. Also, nobody in BC really cares about French-Canada, or the east coast for that matter. NYAN-NYAN~
  6. qtipbrit
    2008-07-09 22:22
    Uh, sure.

    Noooo, Les canadiens francais sont very cool, parce-que we mix les deux langues and it sounds tres nice.
  7. Seishi
    2008-07-09 22:10
    WAT. I totally posted before you. Hivemind maybe?

    ... You can't be serious. French-Canadians osudhgkjsdhgjsdgj.
  8. qtipbrit
    2008-07-09 22:08
    Well, you just copied me, so it doesn't matter.

    And BC sucks, French Canada is where it's at amirite?
  9. Seishi
    2008-07-09 21:58
    Wow, our views are pretty much exactly the same on that match. You're starting to scare me.
  10. Seishi
    2008-07-08 03:18
    Yeah, he goes to my IRC channel so we usually talk every day.

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