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Conversation Between Lugia_Tsuyu and Sillya
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  1. Sillya
    2010-12-29 16:36
    That's the perfect Gundam 00 ending. But this is just a doujinshi. T.T Excuse me, that I did not answer till now, but I was not a yes at the computer. ^^"
  2. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-12-19 14:57
    I absolutely love that picutre! But I'm kinda worry about the title though. It seems to be implying that Marina is dying or they will not see each other again or something like that (if it's even about Setsuna and Marina at all). But I don't know how long it will be, because the extra 10 minutes will be in the DVD/Blu-Ray release, so what's the point of screening it AFTER the release?
  3. Sillya
    2010-12-19 08:49
    I'm sorry for trouble, but i see this: See you too? I'm really happy, when i see this first.^^ I feel a little hope. *.* Although nothing will be extra according to me it in the 10 minutes from them. A big miracle would be needed for it. ^^"
  4. Sillya
    2010-10-23 03:51
    Yeah, yeah. I hope Tieria end up with Mileina. And i hope a little Lyle end up with Feldt. Lyle and Feldt also lost the love. It would be nice if they find happiness. But this is not much of a chance.
  5. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-10-22 20:40
    I'm looking forward to it, too!!! But too bad I can't buy the blu-ray litmited edition one, I consider buying the DVD though. Adn yeah, I hope for more Setsuna x Marina and the fates of all other characters in the movie ending!
  6. Sillya
    2010-10-22 08:51
    Hy! You read that, Gundam 00 movie goes on sale 12-25-10! *.* That's not so long wait. And there is a Limited Edition! *.* I hope for new scene and of course new Setsuna x Marina scene. Although we still like a little bit the idea of Setsuna x Feldt, but of course Setsuna x Marina are the best. I saw new screenshots from the movie and Marina still think of him. That so cute! And i hope they talked some, too.
  7. Sillya
    2010-10-14 11:48
    Yeah, that's right. And i happy for that. But i would better happy if Marina innovated and she has younger body. When young Setsuna hug old Marina... that a little weird. But i can't for that not happy. Finally they end up together. ^^ But i hope that cut 20 Minute give more.
  8. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-10-12 21:29
    Well, one thing I never really like about Feldt is when it comes to her own happiness, she tends to give up so fast. It's understandable that she says Setsuna has a much greater destiny. But look at Marina, she waits for Setsuna for soooo long, she never lose her hope, and finally they both get their happiness, like in the song Qualia.
  9. Sillya
    2010-10-12 10:13
    Thanks! ^^ Yeah, for this reason, I was trouble. For me Marina and Feldt are the main heroine and i love both.(Unfortunately, many people hate Marina. And i don't understand, why. T.T) I could not decide. I love Setsuna x Feldt too, but Setsuna x Marina couple is the best!^^
  10. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-10-11 13:41
    I felt sorry for Feldt, too. Her heart is broken twice now...poor girl.
    And don't waorry about you English. It's not bad at all.

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