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Conversation Between Lugia_Tsuyu and Sillya
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  1. Sillya
    2010-10-11 08:55
    Yeah, i see! *fangirl screaming* That was really sweet. *.* And i read that, Feldt gave up the end of her love for Setsuna. That resolved. I feel sorry for Feldt, but i love better her pairing with Lockon. I think Setsuna with Marina the best! *.* Marina cared about him since first season. And Setsuna think many times about Marina.
    (Sorry for my bad english)
  2. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-10-10 13:16
    But at least he goes to her in the end ^_^. Did you see the picture solidvanz posted? The one of Setsuna shining and he sees Marina through his coma state dream??? I think that's pretty sweet, and he sees her holding the flower too.
  3. Sillya
    2010-10-10 07:37
    Oh, i see. I feel sorry for Marina. The end from the movie, I conclude that, Marina is waiting through for Setsuna. That really sad. T.T
  4. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-10-09 19:42
    Yeah. From what I heard, there's no Setsuna x Marina scene in the movie except the ending. =_=". But I think she appears throughout the movie (for a few seconds at times) anyway.
  5. Sillya
    2010-10-09 16:40
    Hy! i'm sorry for trouble, but i want ask about Gundam 00 movie. Marina only be shown, while to be rescued and that weird ending? There is no scene with Setsuna? Just Setsuna x Feldt scene?
  6. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-08-09 13:40
    Hey! My favorvite in 00 and FMA, hah? I gotta say that in Gundam 00 Setsuna and Tieria are my favorite characters. As for FMA, Roy and Riza are my favorites.
  7. Sillya
    2010-08-09 05:13
    Thanks!^^ I see that you are Gundam 00 and FMA fan. ^^ Who is your favorite in FMA and in Gundam 00?

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