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Conversation Between Silverwyrm and Kaijo
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  1. Silverwyrm
    2011-02-23 14:22
    Ha if I can muster the courage to call someone out directly I might, but I'm pretty soft, really considering that though...

    I will be interested in how people react to its end, I'm hoping it surprises us all, but at least we I haven't seen a "Homura is proven totally evil because of this ambiguous idea" in awhile. Of course it would be pretty funny if one of the totally out there idea's was correct in the end, as long as it is done well from the story.
  2. Kaijo
    2011-02-23 14:09
    You might consider saying something like that, next time you do see someone you once respected look rather disappointing: 'Hey man, I used to really like listening to your thoughts and the way you put together your arguments, but lately, I dunno. You seem to be getting too caught up in being right and trying to make others look wrong, and it's not makin' you look too hot. Can't you just go back to how you used to be?"

    Maybe not those exact words, heh, but something like it. They won't listen to me (and indeed, some people have put me on ignore, heh), but someone like you they might listen to. But you don't have to, just tossing the idea out. I pretty much expect that, even when Madoka ends, they will still be pushing their ideas as fact, when it's still ambiguous at best.
  3. Silverwyrm
    2011-02-23 13:42
    That is true there is a lot more people taking part now where it used to be almost exclusively the two of you, taking a part in these debates is actually pretty fun (as long as I don't make the below mistake) I think the only other thread I put effort in to date was Shiki but I've been more active lately. I was pretty glad when I asked that hypothetical question and someone on "the other side" gave a very down to earth answer (ignoring the second one).

    One thing that is a shame is certain people used to have well thought views but some of them seem to have fallen into the "I can't be wrong" trap and I don't find their posts very interesting to read anymore, sometimes almost trollish. Not saying they are all wrong of course, just disappointing when someone I viewed as a good mind a few weeks ago can't put together a feasible argument anymore. I guess some get too caught up in trying to prove one side wrong rather than simply debating possibilities and potential courses for the show/characters.
  4. Kaijo
    2011-02-23 13:12
    Yeah, if you focus your attention solely on the hardliners, you will get frustrated. The best you can do is just poke the holes in their argument. Eventually, everyone else will see and begin speaking up supporting your side. At least, that's what I hope anyway, heh. But I see people like Scrooge McDuck, Sol Falling, Hooves, you, and others begin speaking up, so it's not in vain. Even if they don't totally agree with my speculation regarding the series, they at least begin to understand how bad it is to marry oneself to a speculation and refuse to see other possibilities.
  5. Silverwyrm
    2011-02-23 12:48
    Ah that is very true I didn't look at it that way. I guess why I get so flustered and go away for awhile is because I feel like I am trying to convince the hardliners and forget about the rest. Mind you trying doesn't hurt anyways (which I'm sure you know). That forum sure is the most entertaining one I've had this year, hundreds of posts and I've red pretty much all of them. I have to wonder how much time you've put in those threads by now

    Now if only I could put my thoughts down in a more understandable matter more frequently instead of over-complicating everything.
  6. Kaijo
    2011-02-23 11:57
    No worries, heh. I actually enjoy the debates, so it's fun for me. Plus, I know others get entertained, and also informed, when they see where we point out the weaknesses in arguments. So even if we don't convince the hardliners, everyone else reading will realize be able to change their minds.
  7. Silverwyrm
    2011-02-22 03:24
    Hey, great reading your and Triple_R's Discussions in Madoka threads. Wish I could contribute more but I often cant place words down very well or state my points simply. Takes a lot of patience to stick with it like you two do when some people have a "no way I am right because I think so" attitude. Too bad several have taken to using "Kyubey Legal Defense Team" signature too seriously. Really though sometimes my patience starts to wane just from reading it, not sure how you manage it

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