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Conversation Between mangalowres and The Chaos
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  1. The Chaos
    2009-12-13 08:26
    The Chaos
    wow..that Great
    I'm admiring you now

    but really if you get to know Japanese very well you can start your own fansubbed group :3
  2. mangalowres
    2009-12-13 07:53
    everything :P
    writing, reading, speaking ..... buuuuuuut it is really hard.
    So I think it will take 1-2 years to watch an anime without subs ^^
  3. The Chaos
    2009-12-13 06:54
    The Chaos
    I'm fine ?
    learning the Language or howto write

    It translated already you can find it in mangafox I think
    I download the chapter from MangaTraders ^_^
  4. mangalowres
    2009-12-12 19:21
    Hey there long time not spoken
    How are you?
    Im fine studying like hell ... learning japanese ^^

    Hmmmm do you know where to get the Skip Beat chapter ... I think it was chapter 149
  5. The Chaos
    2009-09-10 10:26
    The Chaos
    I think you few of them as well I can give you another list if you want ^_^
    yeah I read both of Kiss Hug ,Private Prince but not Midnight Secretary yet should add friends as well
  6. mangalowres
    2009-09-10 06:06
    Thanks for that list =) .... you know that I am bad with names but I think I read one or two of them.
    By the way I read
    Kiss Hug
    Private Prince
    Midnight Secretary
    this week and they were pretty nice.

    Ouwh your friends count here has grown again
  7. The Chaos
    2009-09-08 19:43
    The Chaos
    after you reading your message again..each seires are still ongoig so I searched again
    Paradise Kiss
    Kare First Love
    Pretty Face
    Land of the Blindfolded
    Tenshi Ja Nai!!
    Kimi wa Girlfriend
    Shinshi Doumei Cross
    The Devil Does Exist

    now I don't know which of these you read before but these are awesome
  8. The Chaos
    2009-09-08 17:47
    The Chaos
    Hi Hi
    good to see you alive ..I'm fine as well ^__^

    I haven't been reading any mangas lately just three mangas Yotsuba&! & Skip beat and One Piece or just watching animes >__<
  9. mangalowres
    2009-09-08 15:30
    Hi there, long time not read ;p
    How are you?
    Im fine ^^

    Could you suggest me some goo Mangas ... finished series pleeeeease =)
  10. The Chaos
    2009-08-12 08:56
    The Chaos
    I didnt even try to watch "AH! My Goddess" don't look good to me ...

    "Tokimeki" isn't that like "Gift" ? I won't try watch these anime again it feel like the anime won't finish
    good luck if you can finish it fast :O

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