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Conversation Between mangalowres and Miki7
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  1. mangalowres
    2011-05-16 20:13
    Haya =)
    I am still alive, more or less :P

    And you?

    I don't spend much time here anymore, I am busy with other things :\
  2. Miki7
    2011-05-14 15:42
    Hi, we didn't speak for a while
    Hope you're doing well
  3. mangalowres
    2009-04-24 14:32
    Miki *cry* Chaos chan is mean to me
  4. mangalowres
    2009-04-24 12:58
    You grading system seems to be different from ours
  5. Miki7
    2009-04-24 08:53
    :P they are not bad I don't have negatives but if I want to enter to university I have to have 18 or 16 ( rate : 1-20)
  6. mangalowres
    2009-04-20 14:35
    Hi Miki ... you should learn more if your grades are that bad .... .... I should not say something like that and learn for myself
  7. mangalowres
    2009-03-20 18:55
    I am weak ... I read it and it is greate even if the end part was a bit odd but the sex scenes were greate
    And it really wasn't ecchi at all I think I will have to force you to watch ecchi anime so that you will know the different between ecchi and non-ecchi.
  8. mangalowres
    2009-03-20 14:04
    =) Thanks I will read it if I have time for it.
  9. Miki7
    2009-03-20 10:58
    Hi mangalowrs some days ago you told me you were looking for ecchi mangas...look I found Desire's not very well ecchi...more smut, I chosed ths because they say that it has a great history and it seems like that...well but I think you'll gonna like it you can see it on mangafox...and if you look for mangas or animes it will be good for you to create a myanimelist account there you have recommendations from other users
  10. Miki7
    2009-02-27 15:06
    you never change
    Vampire Knight Guilty over xD... I think that on the manga it will be more adventure xD...

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