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Conversation Between fallin up and Rainbowman
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  1. Rainbowman
    2008-09-14 17:40
    I found that picture of Nami in Luffy's clothing and put it in two of my groups. Check it out!
  2. Rainbowman
    2008-08-21 16:00
    Say there, have you found that ecchi picture of Nami in Luffy's clothing yet? Let me give you a description of it: Nami is wearing a skimpy red bikini top, blue denim shorts cut to the butt and hips, and a familiar straw hat.
  3. fallin up
    2008-08-09 00:20
    fallin up
    okay ive added some ecchi pics
  4. Rainbowman
    2008-08-05 13:10
    Say there, think you can look into getting some One Piece type ecchi for your album now that you're in my One Piece group?
  5. fallin up
    2008-08-02 15:05
    fallin up
    it means hello in japanese. sure i'll join your group
  6. Rainbowman
    2008-08-02 14:01
    While I'm at it care to join my One Piece group?
  7. Rainbowman
    2008-08-02 13:42
    Incedently what does "moshi moshi" mean?
  8. fallin up
    2008-08-02 00:52
    fallin up
    moshi moshi. new friend

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