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Conversation Between Taynis and Heatth
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  1. Heatth
    2009-12-09 20:09
    I see. Well, I've watched the first 3 arcs of the anime and played all the 4 episodes of the game. As far I can remember, they haven't change nothing big. However, they did omit a lot of scenes. They cut it am much as they can while still managing to having the anime making some sense. What suffer more about it are the logical battle between Battler and Beatrice, including manymissing red texts, but also many background information and "boring" discussion. In the end, the VN readers can at last try to understand what is going on, which is considerable harder for anime only viewers (as there is considerably less hints).

    The main problem is tha each episode of the game is long enough for it own small season, but they got compressed in half a dozen of episode each.
  2. Taynis
    2009-12-09 18:00
    Hahahahaha, it's okay. But isn't anything with the translation, is the anime itself. Sometimes we don't know if they change something hahahaha.
  3. Heatth
    2009-12-07 15:57
    About Umineko Q&A:
    Btw, by "our" I meant "our contry", not "our fansub". I've just realised it could have created a misunderstanding. I have no relation with the Tea Party or any fansub. Just asked cause I was curious.

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