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Conversation Between Astrana and C.A.
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  1. Astrana
    2009-04-08 22:13
    lol.... mugen punch would be so awesome... but we know it is not going to happen.

    I relly want the re-release Getta, but they are so freaking expensive!!!!

    I am staying away from chogokin for now since I am still in school lol.... working 2 jobs to support my pvc right now... will need a third one if i want to buy chogokin...

    God Mars looks good tooo
  2. C.A.
    2009-04-08 22:04
    Yea its definitely a good figure, all 3 planes capable of gattai into all 3 Aquarions. The only thing bad is that it doesn't have Mugen Punch optional parts lol

    Chogokin is always mega win, my favourite was Gunbuster, solid gattai and posability.

    I'm going to get the normal version Shin Mazinger Z Chogokin as well, not sure if they'll come up with a GOD SCRANDER BIIIIIGGU BAAAAANNN PAAAAAAAAANNCCHHHHIII version in the future though.
  3. Astrana
    2009-04-08 22:00
    i paid 240 Canadian Dollar, so close to 300 SGD...
    good figure thou.... most expensive one for me lol
  4. C.A.
    2009-04-08 21:48
    lol I forgot the price, but probably 200 close to 300 SGD. My most expensive was Genesic Gaogaigar though.
  5. Astrana
    2009-04-08 18:25
    just noticed u have Chogukin Sousen no Aquarion as well...

    How do you like it? I have one too, sold 3 gallons of blood for it...

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