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Conversation Between Triple_R and Goggen
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  1. Goggen
    2012-05-14 16:18
    I don't personally find Hyouka or Nichijou superiour to previous KyoAni works, myself (well - Hyouka is, from a purely technical standpoint). I'm just talking ideals and principles.
  2. Triple_R
    2012-05-14 16:12
    If I felt that Hyou-Ka and Nichijou were artistically superior to Haruhi and K-On, perhaps I could kinda see your point. But while I think that Hyou-Ka is rather good and Nichijou is Ok, I don't see them having more artistic merit than Haruhi/K-On.

    Also, if KyoAni was doing something truly different for them - A sci-fi space opera, say, then your argument might resonate a bit more with me.
  3. Goggen
    2012-05-14 15:58
    I don't know if "respectful" is the word I'd use. Don't get me wrong - I totally agree it would suck for the fans. I am one, after all. All I'm saying is, I can see the artistic reasoning behind it and would respect that - hypothetically, mind you - they would make their decisions based on artistic ideals rather than financial ones. Again, though - I wouldn't be happy about it, personally
  4. Triple_R
    2012-05-14 15:46
    You honestly think it's respectful for an animation studio to leave fans of its most popular franchises out in the cold? Just because they don't want to do repeat work?

    I'm curious - Do you feel the same way about video game companies? If a really popular video game series was left unfinished, but the makers thereof didn't want to do "repeat work" and so left it unfinished, and fans of that video game franchise naturally became massively pissed off and incensed with the video game company for not finishing one of their favored series, would you actually respect that video game company for disrespecting their fans like this?

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