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Conversation Between Triple_R and Kimidori
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  1. Kimidori
    2016-06-05 10:11
    Thank you
  2. Triple_R
    2016-06-04 21:20
    Happy Birthday! ^_^
  3. Triple_R
    2015-12-24 19:04
  4. Kimidori
    2015-11-30 14:03
    thank you,

    btw I'm reading the discussion thread on infected wixoss from the beginning and I have to say, you were right about how's the game work in the debate on page around 12 to 14, your LIRG having more "HP" than the other doesn't mean that you winng, cause when you lose HP it becone resource that could be used to fuel far more devastating attacks on opponent LIRG, and with enough resources and right deck build you can straight up deny opponent of resources that they would normally get, and generate even more resources for yourself. and good player will sometime bait enemy into attack to give them resources. and be able to keep your low level card in play could be critical in some deck.
  5. Triple_R
    2015-11-30 12:57
    Yes, but I don't mind inviting you. I was thinking about inviting you before, but since you haven't been on AS much, I wasn't sure if you'd want to join or not. Anyway, I'll send you an invite.
  6. Kimidori
    2015-11-30 12:14
    is RRRound table an invite only social group?
  7. Kimidori
    2015-11-29 21:21
    you can play the game on

    you could create a room or join an existing one to play, by default you will have Ruuko deck on ep 1. (she upgrades her deck as the anime progress)

    here is the rule:
  8. Triple_R
    2015-11-29 12:43
    Where can you buy/download the WIXOSS game? Is it available through Steam? I never tried it before, but it looked like it could be fun.
  9. Kimidori
    2015-11-27 21:27
    I just checked the wixoss animesuki thread, glad to see that you enjoyed wixoss, wanna play some wixoss game sometimes? I'm also looking foward to the sequel movie.

    also I'm very busy atm with university assignment and projects, but I WILL sent you one ASAP.
  10. Triple_R
    2015-11-27 12:16
    Thanks for the anime recommendation! I'll definitely keep it in mind.

    Also, can you upload/share the updated version of PPPL? Now might be a good time to promote it to some of my more recent friends here on Anime Suki.

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