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Conversation Between Triple_R and silvercover
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  1. silvercover
    2014-12-07 07:32
    I dont mind.

    btw seems I missed it but its sad that you're not gonna be continuing it anymore
    mine is still in development hell, though the next chapter is starting to churn again in my head. might even have a new chap before the new year!
  2. Triple_R
    2014-12-05 07:48
    Oh, and it's funny that you have a Ulith image in your misc album, since Ulith makes me think of a cross between Homura and Sayaka.
  3. Triple_R
    2014-12-05 07:47
    Mind if I name-drop you in my Christmas fanfic? You can also ask to be a character in it, if you want.
  4. silvercover
    2014-05-26 07:24
    some guy sent me these pics and I think you'd like them as well(will also post in the madoka thread):

  5. silvercover
    2014-05-21 11:08
    actually, it was supposed to be a gif but the computer(or just this forum itself) isnt allowing me to do it.
    gonna try to put up the proper gif soon.
  6. Triple_R
    2014-05-20 12:32
    I really like your new sig. So much so that I decided to play around with it a bit in an online photoshop maker, to see if I could get it to have a clearer focus on Homura and Sayaka.

    This is what I came up with. You don't have to switch to that, of course, but I thought you might like comparing it to what you already have.
  7. silvercover
    2014-05-19 17:24
    heh, pretty nice.
  8. Triple_R
    2014-05-19 12:10
    Here's a cosplay you might like, SilverCover.
  9. Triple_R
    2014-05-16 19:32
    A Sayaka-centered post-Rebellion version of PPPL? So Sayaka is the player-character and main POV character, and you could put her into romances with either of the other main Madoka Magica girls.

    Now that's a very interesting idea...

    I would be free to take the narrative pretty much wherever I liked.

    Hhmm... I will give it some thought! Very neat idea.
  10. silvercover
    2014-05-16 18:52
    nah, in not really that curious of homura's romance, at least from madoka's view. perhaps if homura was the MC and id try to get madoka, id be curious as to how we could get there...

    but anyway, beside the point, what I meant more was that could you continue on at the rebellion story?
    not as an "ending", but as a route for other romances to develop.

    going by your idea, madoka doesnt really trip up on homura's affection level so it leads to rebellion... then you got the choices like trying to go for homura or the other girls....

    hmm. then again, it sounds like we're just back at the beginning with just a different setting and slightly altered characters. never mind then.

    eh I guess what I wanted was to control sayaka at a post rebellion story...

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