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Conversation Between Triple_R and iamadooddood
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  1. iamadooddood
    2013-11-09 10:03
    Hmmhmm, ok.

    I must say, if I have a fault when it comes to making posts on a forum, it would be that I think too much outside the box, and not explain things clearly enough. I never learn lol.
  2. Triple_R
    2013-11-08 11:39
    Good reply on our Madoka discussion on the J-SaiMoe 2013 thread. I see what you mean now, and I have no problem with it. Since it's an OT discussion, I didn't reply to it on the thread itself.
  3. iamadooddood
    2013-11-04 06:16
    And they think SDO is the best way to spice up the regular season? Not the way it is, as I see it.

    I've made my post with the insight you've given me. Thanks again.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-11-03 20:59
    The ISML Necklaces were brought in to spice up the ISML regular season, and that still remains the case. A long several-month regular season could be boring without something notable happening at regular intervals, so I think it's good that we have the Necklaces. Originally, the Necklaces were awarded strictly on the basis of SDO (think of it as being like a Round Robin tournament in sports rather than the now more typical elimination tournament format).

    Later on, they introduced the Necklace matches to spice things up further. However, they have always used SDO in the Necklace match results calculations. At first, voters didn't necessarily pay a lot of attention to SDO, and just voted their heart in Necklace Matches. But I do think this has changed, with strategic votes increasingly coming into play for Necklace matches.
  5. iamadooddood
    2013-11-03 12:25
    Remind me again what the ISML necklaces were originally intended for? Thanks in advance.

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