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Conversation Between Triple_R and Vexx
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  1. Vexx
    2013-08-22 19:22
    Any idea what happened to Eroking? That account self-disabled by request seemed pretty abrupt. I wonder if his stash of ero got him in trouble
  2. Vexx
    2013-08-20 16:25
    Thanks ... yeah, the writing/publishing thing is kind of addictive -- plus I'm making myself actually work on getting better at bass guitar. I have to admit I'm having trouble either watching or saying much about anime lately. Variety of reasons. felt pretty unhappy with the Oreimouto experience, some recent observations about the forum moderation trends have me backing away t least for now. I'm about to the point of not wanting to watch a series unless it is complete because I'm tired of getting trolled, watching a not-ending, watching a trainwreck, etc. That said, a couple of this season's items look a bit amusing (e.g. It's not my fault I'm not Popular).
  3. Triple_R
    2013-08-20 16:02
    Happy birthday, Vexx!

    I haven't seen you around the anime series forums/threads much recently. I guess that makes sense given how busy your author/writing work must be making things for you. Best of luck with that, by the way.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-01-05 06:35
    Sorry for the late reply.

    My own observations are similar to yours. I definitely think it would be nice to get a quick and convenient feedback system of sorts for when we want to give other members credit and thanks for their good posts. There's been a couple times recently when I also went to go to make a posrep, and went "Wait... that's not there anymore, is it?"

    And yeah, I still think that no negrep could cause things to get a bit messier on threads themselves.

    Overall, I don't think Anime Suki has changed a lot from losing the rep system (at least not yet), but losing it does create some noticeable holes that weren't there before. I do think that the rep system promoted a stronger sense of community here on the site, and I also like how it kind of reinforces the fact that nobody should be shielded from the feedback of the wider community (I think you once made a point similar to this yourself).
  5. Vexx
    2013-01-03 18:55
    As for your 'rep-less AS observations, so far I have two:

    1) I keep reaching for the rep button to reward what I think are useful, well-constructed, or informative posts and alas, alackaday.
    2) I'm more likely to just call the inverse what they are rather than quietly just press a red button and move on. I suspect the mods are going to have more work squashing misbehavior and more chances to err and "kill the wrong targets" over the next few months.
  6. Vexx
    2011-11-08 22:08
    Hmmm, the forum software seems lousy at a 3-way visitor chat... anyway, I'm somewhere between and I agree on this ->

    However you want to categorize characters like Mikoto and Kuroneko, Japan is clearly not tired of them. But quintessential loli-tsunderes, like the KugRie type, is perhaps losing steam in Japan.
    Pretty much everything that could be done has been done (culminating in the complex character of Taiga perhaps). The Kuroneko type is a lot more subtle (and perhaps even more 'life like') in having multi-dimensional personality
  7. Triple_R
    2011-10-31 19:56
    Happy Halloween! So how are you liking Fall 2011 so far?
  8. Triple_R
    2010-12-02 23:05
    Oh, just to be clear, I'm enjoying Ore no Imouto on the whole too. And even Kirino can be an amusing and interesting character at times, I'll admit. The supporting cast is really great, imo, and I like some of the ideas that this anime has addressed. The first five episodes of Ore no Imouto is one of the stronger serious defenses of the otaku fandom that I've seen in an anime.

    Anyway, thanks for the fair and enlightening discussion.
  9. Vexx
    2010-12-02 22:54
    Heh, no I"m not going to go all flamey like some folks... I think things I'm just willing to let slide a bit (like the undercharacterization of Kyou's past) you're just keying in on stronger (and vice versa). Its one of the shortcomings of the series that Kirino's behavior is not really placed in context. The result is her behavior seems hyperbolic and unjustified in contrast to Kyou's historical behavior.

    I'm not really trying to defend her behavior, its irrational much like a young teen under so much pressure to be "perfect" might exhibit. However, in general I'm enjoying the topics the series is addressing and how they're addressing them.

    And yeah, I always enjoy your posts -- one of the saner voices on the forum
  10. Triple_R
    2010-12-02 13:01
    Spoiler for Ore no Imouto discussion, using spoiler space to save space:

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