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Conversation Between Triple_R and 0utf0xZer0
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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-27 03:43
    This one is hard. I like the whimsy of the "tuba as bazooka" bit and "petite girls, big instruments", but nothing on it really sold me.

    (Also, FYI I adore Itsuki more for the way she moves, talks, etc. than her looks.)

    KyoAni's best tend to blindside me too. I did not anticipate Hyouka much in the leadup to its release, it was the opening episode that converted me.
  2. Triple_R
    2015-02-26 08:10
    I just learned about the next KyoAni show from the most unlikely of sources - Pocari Sweat.

    Pocari is already proclaiming his hated for the show. He's probably right. He'll probably hate it.

    But I think you and I will probably like it.

    Here's the PV.

    And here's a nice group shot.

    Very early impressions - Main girl makes me think of Eru Chitanda's mind in Haruhi Suzumiya's body.

    One of these girls looks a lot like Yuuki Yuuna's Itsuki, which would probably appeal to you.

    What's your take on this upcoming KyoAni anime?
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-12 19:13
    I'd actually forgotten that Shana S2 was still airing in winter 2008 (and just realized I forgot Genshiken Nidaime for 2013 as well).

    Madoka would probably be an easy top 10 for me at this point as it's grown on me since its initial airing despite my being pumped for it at the time (it and Hanasaku Iroha were my big anticipated shows going into 2011). But it's never quite made "don't even need to think about it, throw it in" territory like the ones I actually did list as "classic+". I'd be interesting in hearing your theory on why that would be the case.

    I'd rank Kurenai and Shinsekai Yori below Bakemonogatari and Hyouka - the latter two have utterly sublime combinations of characters and visuals, the only thing that can really top them for me is EF (Either Memories alone or Memories and Melodies in conjunction - Melodies doesn't quite achieve such greatness by itself), which has bother my favourite anime romance ever and is the show responsible for my girlfriend and I meeting.
  4. Triple_R
    2015-02-12 16:49
    A few quick things

    1 - I didn't start following anime on a season-by-season basis until Summer 2009. For that reason, I can't say a lot about 2008 and the first half of 2009. There are some shows from that period that I ended up watching later on (Clannad being one obvious example), but none I watched as it aired, with maybe a couple exceptions (Code Geass, Shana). So there will certainly be considerable divergence between us for 08 and 09 for that reason.

    2. I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed that Madoka Magica never made your "classic+". I know you didn't love it as much as I do, but I nonetheless thought it was a show you held in high regard. However, when I consider the four shows that did make your "classic+", I have a theory as to what might be contributing to Madoka Magica not making it. I intend to share that theory with you over PMs later.

    3. Hyouka was in my Top 5 for its year, and it's also one of my all-time favorite anime shows, so there's a decent chance it would make "classic+" for me if I adopted your own rating system. Bake and SSY are two shows I liked a lot while they aired, and I still hold both in some degree of high regard, but I'm not sure how well they've aged for me. I haven't seen Kure-nai. So you're right that our "classic+" list would diverge a fair bit.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-12 16:02
    Bit of preliminary data:

    Spoiler for Simplified list - total shows and classics:

    "Classic" just means I consider it a standout among the entire period considered, which is a bit arbitrary.
    The notable observations here are how the variation in how many shows I like year to year is pretty small and how bad 2009 was save for a few standouts.

    And here's a slightly more detailed set:
    Spoiler for Less simplified numbers:

    2014 doesn't look quite as strong here, does it? Note the classics category includes Classic+ (basically the "shortlist") and tier 1 includes both, I just bother marking classic/classic+ because such shows can skew my overall impressions a bit.

    Will send the detailed data later. And BTW, while I suspect your year to year impressions may be similar, the actual pick of shows may not be.
  6. Triple_R
    2015-02-12 12:15
    Originally Posted by 0utf0xZer0
    Also, man I'm much pickier about action and "artsy" stuff than stuff I like for characters, cuteness or just plain guilty pleasure. The original list is kind of embarrassing at points... I'll PM you a copy if you want, still deciding if Pocari is allowed to see it.
    Honestly, I've noticed much the same about my own tastes shifting that way. If the main reason I'm into a show is because of moe or endearing characters, I'm more likely to think highly of it than if I'm into a show mainly because of plot or artistic reasons.

    Basically, if a show really wins me over with one or more of its characters, it's sure to be a personal favorite, whereas the same isn't as often true for shows that win me over primarily with their plot or "artsy" quality.

    Honestly, I suspect this reflects one of the chief taste divides here on Anime Suki. I think it helps to explain how, for example, you and I both tend to like noitaminA shows, but not quite as much as noitaminA's biggest fans do. It also helps to explain my passionate love of Love Live! and your own love of shows like HSI. On the whole, my tastes have drifted closer to yours over the past two years, and further away from, well, Pocari's...

    So by all means, PM me your list. While I haven't done a detailed year-by-year breakdown to the degree that you have, I suspect we'd be in at least 90% agreement. 2011 and 2012 were both very strong years out of the last 6 or so, and I'd rate them ahead of the other 4/5 years in that group.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-12 04:44
    So I decided to rank all the TV series (not including specials, movies or OVAs) I watched and liked a lot in 2008 to 2014 from tier 1 (highest) to tier 3 and then broke that down further (ie. 1+, 1, 1-). Then I produced a "classics" list, again split into three tiers.

    Then I determined my feelings on the years in question:
    Tier 1: 2011, 2012
    Tier 2: 2008, 2013
    Tier 3: 2010
    Tier 4: 2009, 2014

    Further notes:
    2011/2012 were very high on quality and quantity of shows, with 2013 also being fairly high on both measures.
    2008 was high on quality but didn't do quite as well quantity wise.
    2010 was mid tier on both.
    2009 has a few really good shows but didn't rank many shows overall.
    2014 ranked quite a lot of shows but very few ranked highly.

    Also, man I'm much pickier about action and "artsy" stuff than stuff I like for characters, cuteness or just plain guilty pleasure. The original list is kind of embarrassing at points... I'll PM you a copy if you want, still deciding if Pocari is allowed to see it.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-03 22:49
    That's more or less why I think of Hitagi as a tsundere as well.

    Guessing the one you don't know is Zakuro, she's kind of like a cross between Rin and Horo but with a bit more "fire" in her personality. There's a method to her madness too, she's prejudice against the guy she's paired with from the start because he's human, and in her view humans are too quick to abandon tradition in favour of western ways.

    (Horo should maybe be on that list too, albeit as a mild example. Also, Tsugumi Komachi from Ever 17 but I wanted to stick to anime examples)

    I would agree that my very favourite tsunderes tend not to be the hotheaded type. But if we look at tsundere I like more broadly, there's actually a lot of Taiga type characters I like. I find the awkwardness and raw emotion these characters display makes me sympathetic to them - if the author doesn't make them annoy me first.

    Some notes on these types:
    Taiga herself: The series plays her very sympathetically on the whole, and I also feel like Toradora understood how far to take its character gags better than many shows. The way she's initially played up as a pint sized terror lasts about as long as its welcome.
    Claire Rouge (Blade Dance): I'm not about to argue Blade Dance is a great show, but I feel like it did a better job than most at connecting some of Claire's early lashing-out to specific moments of vulnerability, which made her more sympathetic than most.
    Ling (Infinite Stratos): This one is tricky to pinpoint, but I think the reason why Ling is one of my favourite IS characters is she comes across as a nice girl who happens to be fairly blunt and easily irritated. It makes her feel more natural to me than, say, Cecilia or Laura. When I think about it, Hyouka's Mayaka has a similar appeal.
    Charlotte (Unbreakable Machine Doll): I'm not generally fond of the "rich girl" subtype of tsundere - which I tend to find stiff rather than natural - but Charlotte is an exception. I think there's two reasons for that. One, she has a grudging respect for the main character. Second, those conversations with Sigmund, who gave the writer a lot of free reign to lampshade her personality without it feeling as unnatural as it does in many shows.

    Interesting observation on SAO and Yuuki Yuuna. I didn't notice that one as I'm that into SAO, but yeah it does seem like an influence in the character design.

    A PMMM character to cross with Nozomi? You're probably expecting me to say Mami but I think the characters are actually too similar to be effective and I think I'd prefer to cross Mami and Eli. So I'm going to say Kyoko. Retain Kyoko's lone wolf traits and cockiness, but make her mischievous and a bit hedonistic in place of Kyoko's seriousness and austerity.
  9. Triple_R
    2015-02-03 19:22
    Good list of tsunderes. One commonality in almost all of them, if not all of them (one of them I'm not familiar with myself) is that they all have a certain thoughtfulness, if not downright intellectualism, to them. In other words, they generally don't feel like purely reflexive tsunderes. There tends to be a method to their tsuntsun, and even sometimes a method to their deredere, and I think that adds a certain depth and integrity to them.

    Basically, they're not just hot-headed (well, except for Taiga perhaps ), and nor is their tsundere nature rooted purely in just shy denials.

    By the way, I now have no disagreement with the idea of Hitagi as a tsundere.
    Spoiler for Hitagi discussion:

    As for our Yuuki Yuuna discussion, my take on anime in general is that shows often take inspiration from multiple sources. I'm pretty confident that Yuuki Yuuna is inspired at least somewhat by Madoka Magica, but I think SAO might inspire YY a little bit as well. The costumes in particular strike me as sort of a fusion between the aesthetics of Madoka Magica and the aesthetics of SAO. While Itsuki's costume would fit in perfectly in PMMM, Karin's would fit in perfectly in SAO. Meanwhile, the remaining costumes feel like mid-points between PMMM and SAO.

    At a character level, I can kind of see Fuu as a fusion of Mami Tomoe and SAO's Asuna.

    With the above in mind, I've been considering writing an original fiction that would sort of fuse Love Live! and Madoka Magica together - a show about literally magical idols. As a big Nozomi fan, I'd be curious in getting your take on which PMMM girl do you think would make the best cross with her.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-03 17:51
    I agree with Yuuki combining Madoka and Sayaka's traits. Homura and Hitomi... I agree that she exhibits traits of both but I'm not necessarily sure that Hitomi is the actual inspiration for Togo's gentler side.

    Here's how I see it after integrating your thoughts on Yuuki and further exploring some of my own ideas:
    Spoiler for Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru:

    What I'm less sure on is how many of these similarities arise from conscious attempts to mimic Madoka and how many are cases of less conscious inspiration. The relatively natural feel to the story suggests to me that at least some of it is the latter.

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