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Conversation Between Triple_R and Kirarakim
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  1. Triple_R
    2014-03-23 22:45
    Thank you, I appreciate that. I consider you a friend as well.

    I do like how you come across to me as a "glass half-full" sort of person. So you tend to see the good in characters moreso than the bad, and it's sometimes good for the rest of us to be reminded of those good aspects.
  2. Kirarakim
    2014-03-23 09:46
    I honestly think I might have done the same thing before but then caught it beforehand.

    But I did mean what I said about despite debating with you from time to time I consider you a friend.
  3. Triple_R
    2014-03-23 09:15
    No problem. Actually, because it started with "Tr" I figured you might have meant me. But the way Thess responded to you made me wonder if Tremolo was a nickname for Thess, lol. So that's why I asked.
  4. Kirarakim
    2014-03-23 06:30
    I am sorry I actually meant you. Well that is embarrassing. Tremolo is someone I talk to on twitter & used to talk to on an another anime board but since both your names start with tr and I was
    typing quickly I put the wrong thing. Sorry

    And of course until I saw this in the morning I didn't even realize since I have not been back in that thread.
  5. Triple_R
    2014-03-23 00:06
    Who's Tremolo? I looked over the last few pages of the Nagi no Asukara thread, and I couldn't find anybody by that handle. Is "Tremolo" a nickname for one of the other members?
  6. Triple_R
    2013-04-08 17:35
    Thanks for your last VM to me.

    I can certainly understand people disliking Aku no Hana, especially those who are fans of the manga. I can understand somebody finding it ugly. I can understand somebody disagreeing with what the anime is aiming for.

    What I don't quite understand, though, is people not admitting that the anime is, in fact, aiming for hyper-realism. Yes, the anime probably has a low budget, but there's no question it's favoring gritty realism over pretty fantasy. It's not hard to do low budget pretty fantasy if you want to.

    At the bare minimum, Aku no Hana deserves credit for daring to be different in a medium where that likely means commercial suicide (even the likes of Shin Sekai Yori get victimized by this). I'm glad that Aku no Hana is taking the approach that it is, because it'll answer a lot of interesting questions.
  7. Kirarakim
    2013-04-07 23:07
    I enjoyed reading your posts on the Aku no Hana thread, I thought you were very reasonable in regards to both sides of the issue.
  8. Kirarakim
    2013-03-03 17:26
    No need to thank me. Whether I agree or disagree I think your posts are always well thought out so I am glad you would still post even if you think your views are controversial.
  9. Triple_R
    2013-03-03 12:41
    I want to thank you for your agreement/support on some of my more controversial posts as of late. A couple of them I had doubts about even posting, so it's good to know that at least yourself and a couple other people see where I'm coming from and won't get the wrong idea.
  10. Kirarakim
    2013-03-01 08:38
    Thanks I appreciate it and I enjoy discussing the show with you.

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