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Conversation Between Triple_R and Dr. Casey
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  1. Dr. Casey
    2013-06-14 22:13
    Dr. Casey
    My recovery is going faster than expected In part because I haven't been pushing myself much. I'm told I might fully recover by the end of August rather the originally stated late September/October. I certainly don't feel anywhere near as sick as I did this time last month.

    What are some of your core beliefs and values, out of curiosity?
  2. Triple_R
    2013-06-12 19:33
    I think it's important to keep people honest, and to try to be consistent. Also, while my core beliefs and values are very firm, I try to have flexible thinking beyond that. It makes me question things, and rarely take things at face value.

    Also, I consider Tempester an AS friend, like yourself, and I'm a big believer that if you can't shoot straight with your friends, who can you shoot straight with?

    By the way, how are things going for you? Are you recovering from your illness well? Sorry about lack of PPPL lately. But hopefully it won't be too long before I write more of it.
  3. Dr. Casey
    2013-06-12 19:21
    Dr. Casey
    Lot of good posts in the XBox One thread (I agree with your newest post completely), and I liked your most recent VM on Tempester's page. One thing I've always liked about you is your outspokenness and willingness to confront people on things.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-06-04 12:10
    Hey, how's it going?

    I hope you're feeling well. Any ideas what my next AS avatar should be?
  5. Triple_R
    2013-05-27 02:56
    I'm very sorry to hear about your sickness, Dr. Casey.

    You're a strong and optimistic person, though, so I'm confident you'll come through Ok.

    Your latest PPPL review was a very fun read, and impressively thorough as usual. I'll probably be replying to it soon.

    Could you PM me your e-mail address? I'd like to keep in touch with you every now and then, even if PPPL updates are sometimes sporadic.
  6. Triple_R
    2013-05-09 21:31
    Just so you know, Magica Wars Chapter 1 is up!

    And yeah, thanks for explaining things to night_sentinel.
  7. Dr. Casey
    2013-04-24 22:20
    Dr. Casey
    Good deal. I always look forward to your responses to my reviews as much as you look forward to my reviews.
  8. Triple_R
    2013-04-24 00:46
    Thanks a lot for the great PPPL review. It's much appreciated.

    I'll probably have more to say/write later.
  9. Dr. Casey
    2013-04-23 16:07
    Dr. Casey

    I posted in PPPL.
  10. Dr. Casey
    2013-04-13 02:09
    Dr. Casey
    My schedule is pretty congested the next few days, but I'll be freed up again on Thursday (the 18th), so I'll review within the next day or two after.

    And is the adorable girl in that avatar of yours from Love Live? I haven't watched the show, but the art style rings a bell.

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