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Conversation Between Triple_R and Last Sinner
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  1. Last Sinner
    2014-03-09 00:03
    Last Sinner
    Okay, tomboys. From anime and games.

    Shiki from The Garden of Sinners.
    Kallen from Code Geass.
    Lavi from Last Exile.
    Kaoru from Amagami SS.
    Tamaki from Bamboo Blade.
    Kagura from Azumanga Daioh.
    Kaoru from Dear Brother.
    Kyou from Clannad.
    Re-l Mayer from Ergo Proxy.
    Yoshida from Kimi ni Todoke.
    Sei from Marimite.
    Touma from Minami-ke.
    Meryl Strife in Trigun.
    Kaori from City Hunter.
    Kino from Kino's Journey.
    Mikoto from Railgun.


    Chie Satonaka from Persona 4.
    Estelle Bright from Trails in the Sky.
    Claret Spencer from Skyborn.

    A question I wanted to ask both you and AW - something a good friend posed to me last night.

    Why is it that a a consensual yuri relationship is considerably less mainstream than the more dysfunctional yuri relationships?

    Would like to hear your thoughts.
  2. Last Sinner
    2014-03-08 21:29
    Last Sinner
    Brunhildyr PV

    Note the pink-haired side character. A friend of mine very fluent in Japanese told me last night he is certain that character is half-Australian.

    "Half osakan, half australian"
    "I don't speak german"
    "My specialty is HACKINGGU"

    He also pointed out nearly everything I want to watch in the coming season has a first time director....oh boy...

    Funnily enough, I bought a game on special 2 weeks ago that was exactly what you described. The woman in my avatar. Her name is Claret Spencer from a game called Skyborn. Made from RPG Maker. Basically, steam punk world ruled by a winged race that can't stand humans. Claret is a badass mechanic that ends up being caught in a plot to end their tyranny.

    The kind of tomboy I was keen on seeing was one that would hang out with the guys and the cute girls would all be ticked off by but eventually have crushes on her. Kind of a chill girl with some male tendencies/habits but still looks and acts female overall. Oh dear, the chances of that are virtually nil. That is a dream at best...

    Alright, technically that somewhat is Shiki from The Garden of Sinners, but...despite the success of that title, I don't think people relished those aspects of her. [They seem to mainly think of her as a tsundere and nothing more...zzzz...] Like Code Geass, I don't see what Nasu achieved with Shiki in The Garden of Sinners being done similar in any recent successful/popular titles. Which is weird since those were both darn successful titles. The things Madoka, the Monogataris, K-ON and the like did have been replicated. What is it about Code Geass and The Garden of Sinners that people in the industry are too chicken to try and do something like it? Hell, Code Geass had a tomboy too in Kallen, didn't it.

    Think I'll go through my stuff and see which series had tomboys I liked.

    Well, thanks for explaining Okada. I guess if those are the reasons, then I can understand. She still utterly creeps me out, though.

    As I was saying to AW, I'm very amazed that the people who rave on about White Album haven't even heard of The Ocean Waves. Because from the sound of it, The Ocean Waves treaded similar ground to White Album - 20 years prior. And I attest it is either my favourite Ghibli or 2nd fave Ghibli film now. Very close between that and Kiki's Delivery Service. The thing is with The Ocean Waves, you get the drama and the terrible decision making - but you get an ending with hope. That seems to be a big difference between it and White Album.
  3. Triple_R
    2014-03-08 17:00
    I agree - Cute is a legitimate preference, but it's not the only one. There's multiple different ways for a person to be physically attractive.

    And yeah, I don't think any of the Winter 2014 shows really took off in a Madoka Magica or SAO or Attack on Titan sort of way. There's a few shows I've enjoyed, but the Fall 2013 carryovers are definitely my favorite currently airing shows right now.

    I'm hearing you on the tomboy-focused idea. I'd like to see a show like that myself. Tomboy lead, futuristic setting (maybe a bit steam punk), grittier atmosphere. A show like that would be pretty cool right now.

    I think what makes Mari Okada popular is three things:

    1. Soap Opera style of writing. Slow paced, but plot-twisty, emphasis on emotions and carefully stringing both the characters and the audience along. The show takes on a bit of a life of its own.

    2. There's certain character types I think she's pretty good with. Genki girls and yamato nadeshikos with a bit of an edge, for two. Okada is good at making relatively believable moe girls, in contrast to some moe girls that seem airheaded to a fault or very immature mentally.

    3. Dialogue. The dialogue is occasionally funny, which helps, but mostly it just feels "true to life". At least relative to other anime shows. Basically, I think that Okada's characters have a tendency to "keep it real" in what they say even if their actions/choices can be odd at times (reflecting the soap opera feel I mentioned before).

    It's fine if you or anybody else doesn't like Okada. Her style isn't for everyone, and I can see why. Some of her shows I didn't like much at all. But I think she's in a familiar vs. different sweet spot - Just familiar/conventional enough that she appeals to otakus, but different enough to stand out from the crowd. Most great anime are in that "sweet spot", in my opinion.

    As for that MAD - That was a great watch and a nice song. I've read up on this anime, and while the incest bit worries me somewhat, I think I'm going to check it out. It has great character designs, and it looks promising. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Last Sinner
    2014-03-08 12:59
    Last Sinner
    Now I have to add this to the list of April shows to watch because darn - that's a good OP. It is a bit amusing to hear the Japanese parts get mangled by the American accent, but it's the best theme I've heard in a couple of years. Supposedly this one is the one getting the most hype in Japan for April. Might be justified. Might be...
  5. Last Sinner
    2014-03-08 05:39
    Last Sinner

    It's not like I have anything against cute, full stop. As I said with AW, there are times I like cute. I just don't like it when it becomes an entity that people believe is the only way and that it restricts what a female is allowed to be in creative media and in real life. People have the right to like cute - it's a legitimate preference, but it isn't the only one.

    Same goes for yuri. There are legitimately good cases of two females being able to love each other long term within a good story. There are also tragic tales that are worth reading. (If you've never read 12 Days, I think you'd be surprised by how good this account of a real story is.) I've seen how irked you've been in some posts about how trivialised yuri has been in recent times. I'm hoping this is the year attitudes become more accepting of yuri being able to be sensible since more yuri-ish titles are appearing in upcoming seasons of anime. Sakura Trick seems to have been relatively accepted. Middle of the pack in this season's sales is a reasonable outcome.

    Mind you, the fact nothing has blitzed the field when it's already March says something. I think the January 2014 didn't strike much of a chord with people. April seems to be quite loaded in comparison - in terms of potential. We all know how many times a good idea end up being poorly executed.

    I could really go for a decent tomboy character these days. Within the right context, of course. I'm sure there are ones out there, but not in shows I could watch. I always found Makoto the most intriguing of the Idolmaster girls from a glance, but as you well know, I can't handle anything with idols.

    I'm knocking you at all for your stance. Moe being divorced from reality is fine. But when moe becomes a permanent substitute for reality - that's taking it too far. Indulging in fantasy is fine as long as the delver doesn't abandon reality or force the tenets on fantasy onto real people. The notion of an ideal person will shoot down real people. But a proper character is supposed to have flaws of some kind. Nothing is perfect or pure.

    So what is it about Okada that gets people going? I find her creepy as heck - along with things that AW was implying.

    One thing in closing. They did a check on the developed world countries as to which has males doing the most and least housework. Norway's males came close to the women on average. Japan's men did the least. (Why am I not surprised!)
  6. Triple_R
    2014-03-07 16:53
    Fascinating wall discussion between you and Archon_Wing. I hope you won't mind me jumping in on it a bit.

    I agree with you that each gender has its own distinct dark side. And I also agree that knowing this is very useful.

    This may surprise you, since you know that I'm a moe fan, but I also largely agree that moe is pretty divorced from modern reality. That's actually partly why I like it - It's easily imaginable, but I don't think it exists to any significant degree in real life. So that makes it unique escapist fantasy.
  7. Last Sinner
  8. Last Sinner
    2014-01-18 02:16
    Last Sinner
    Thought this might be relevant to your interests.

    The person behind Spice and Wolf had managed to get a game related to it - World End Economica - to be on the Greenlight section of Steam. If enough people support it, the game will be made available on Steam in 3 installments.


    Tell anyone you think would want to know to help make this happen.

    Vid and voting page
  9. Last Sinner
    2013-11-04 02:43
    Last Sinner
    It's like I've said in the PMs, man. People don't care about content or writing anymore - it doesn't sell. It's stuff like what happens in IS2 that sells. It's sad because Charlotte had a point and some brilliant moments in S1. Hell, S1 was watchable at least...swear that the writer knew he could stretch it out SAO styles and just do whatever to make it last forever. Hell, the whole damn school will probably be his harem by the time the author ends it...It's the reverse of Nasu. Nasu is proof you can have some merchandise moments but have an utterly awesome work around them. You can pick the one person, you can make the audience make a choice. But, you know, most writers will take the easy way out and let everyone have the cake.

    It is possible to write well as well as mix in merchandise moments. I get that merchandise moments are the point of anime now. But they shouldn't be the whole damn show. I can't say that any show this season - hell, almost any show this year - isn't anything but merchandise moments. You ask me what I'd want to remember from 2013? Chihayafuru S2. That's it.

    *shrug* I'll just did what I did after 2011 - hope that 2012 was a better year. And it was. So time to hope 2014 will have a few shows to take away friom it. Not that I'll run out of old shows any time soon. But it'd be nice to actually like the current stuff to some extent.

    PS. Hearthstone is awesome.
  10. Triple_R
    2013-11-04 00:07
    Just so you know, I've decided to drop IS2. You're right about that show. My sentiments are very similar to what Tempester wrote below. Charlotte is a very nice character, but the weaker aspects of the other haremettes are starting to rub off on her, and it's sad to see. And after watching the likes of Valvrave and Majestic Prince, the mecha action in IS just isn't enough to keep me interested.

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