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Conversation Between Triple_R and synaesthetic
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  1. synaesthetic
    2013-05-11 15:49
    I'm not asking for Mary Sues, lol. I'd rather see characters who are people rather than stereotypes.
  2. Triple_R
    2013-05-11 08:17
    I have to say, syn, you strike me as rather picky. Does a lesbian character have to be flawless in order to be a "positive portrayal" to you? It's been a long time since I watched Blue Drop, but I don't recall the aliens in that show being particularly depraved. And certainly the two main female characters in the show weren't depraved, and isn't that what should matter the most?
  3. synaesthetic
    2013-05-11 02:08
    Yeah, I've seen Blue Drop. Most of the lesbian characters are depraved rapist aliens... so uh, not sure that's a good positive example.

    I did manage to finish watching Shin Sekai Yori, though. The story was interesting, especially underneath all the pseudo-religious philosophical handwringing nonsense. I think had the author ditched most of the hipster crap it probably would have read/watched a lot better.

    I still stand by my original opinion, though--the author of the original novel (and the screenwriters for the anime itself) seem to use homosexuality as an allegory for childhood, immaturity and childishness, to be discarded upon becoming an adult.

    That's... not very positive. In fact, it's more reinforcing the current Japanese cultural view of homosexuality. "It's a phase" or "it's playing at love" or "it's practice for adult (heteronormative) relationships."

    I swear, sometimes I may bash on America really badly, but when I realize things like this, I think to myself that I really don't have it too bad here. At least crazy right-wing nutjobs waving their "God Hates Fags" signs are easy to ignore.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-05-11 00:45
    Have you ever watched the anime Blue Drop? It might be something that at least comes close to what you're looking for as it pertains to "female main protagonist that just happens to be a lesbian".
  5. synaesthetic
    2013-05-05 02:39
    It's not only that the fans don't have a firm understanding of the term, but it seems like they don't want it to be well-defined. They act like they want it to be vague and overly broad.

    I suspect this may be so they can move the goalposts when their particular favorite stories or characters are criticized, but I don't actually know.
  6. Triple_R
    2013-04-08 17:39
    I think it's fine that there are non-anime fans here. I just don't think that the forum should embrace format bloat in order to have manga, video games, light novels, and music treated exactly the same as anime is here.

    I can't think of many good anime-centric forums, whereas I'm sure there must be countless video game and manga forums on the net. So I'd rather not lose that with Anime Suki.
  7. synaesthetic
    2013-04-08 10:44
    Amusing that you mentioned in the reorganization thread that the forum is for anime.

    I haven't posted in an anime thread in ages. I keep coming back to this place because it's exceptionally well moderated and poo-flinging is kept to a minimum. The only other forum I know of that's as well-moderated is xda-developers, which has a very specific practical mission (smartphone hacking) so it's not useful for me to just bullshit about whatever.

    I know I'm probably part of the problem but whatever.
  8. synaesthetic
    2013-01-08 06:23
    I have seen that, but I have never actually read through it. I should at some point, though I must admit it's a bit hard for me to reconcile something as lighthearted as romance in Madoka... side-effect of the series being so incredibly dark, I suppose?
  9. Triple_R
    2013-01-08 03:10
    I'd like your take on something.


    You're right - Yuri-based Eroge is extremely hard to find. Which is part of the reason behind my decision to write this Madoka Magica fanfic.

    You don't have to read the full fanfic, but it's been partially adapted into a VN already, that can be downloaded here.

    I'd love to get your take on this. (Note: Spicier scenes can only be accessed through PM requests, due to Anime Suki's posting regulations - So if you ever want to read those scenes, PM me).
  10. synaesthetic
    2012-12-25 17:32
    Well, I wasn't too displeased with Sasameki Koto, but the plot centers around the characters' gayness. Romcoms get old after a while, y'know?

    I don't think I'm going to ever see a fairly-portrayed lesbian main character with an incidental relationship in a story that isn't a romance story, but some other drama/sci-fi/fantasy/action/etc.

    At least, not unless I write it myself.

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