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Conversation Between Triple_R and calorie
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  1. Triple_R
    2011-12-24 12:14
    I read on Flower's wall that you don't really celebrate anything this time of year, but I didn't want to leave you out, so, er... Happy Fate/Zero Episode 13!
  2. Triple_R
    2011-11-16 10:45
    Congrats on getting a girlfriend! Hope things work out between you and her.
  3. calorie
    2011-11-16 03:46
    Hope you had a good one

    The reason I haven't been active lately is simply put - the fact that this weaboo has finally gotten himself a girlfriend

    Take care ~
  4. Triple_R
    2011-10-31 17:20
    Happy Halloween! I suspect I'll be coming into contact with a lot of calories today.
  5. calorie
    2011-09-30 12:04
    As for Nanoha, I'm not a lolicon either, I just love Nanoha a lot for her personality and style. I've always been a big Superman fan, so I love those magical girls that embody a lot of his characteristics, only within the form of a cute mote girl, lol.
    Ha ha, indeed. I'm a fan of Dragonball Z so I enjoyed it in the same way, t'was fun to see huge pink energy beams flying around, what with those cool rune-inscribed magical circles spinning below their feet, the "Onegai, Raisingu Hearto!" - "YES. I WILL DO AS TOLD." (or whatever engrish line it uses) intermissions and calling of attacks, then the relaxing slice of life moments and once again, fabulous voice acting

    Have you seen the other two seasons btw? I found A's a lot less amusing and I have StrikerS still on hold, probably due to lack of Nanoha focus in both. The movie was great though.

    Don't thank me, I like talking to you. Feel free to discuss anything that crosses your mind and might be of interest - while you're, I can see, a lot more busy posting walls of text on various threads and subforums compared to myself, I'll invariably have time for a more private detailed analysis of whatever anime we might be watching or have watched
  6. Triple_R
    2011-09-30 11:38
    I get your viewpoints. While I do think Madoka Magica is an excellent anime even when marathoned and/or watched alone, I will admit that much of its greatness is helped along by watching it "Live" on a week-by-week basis, with regular discussions with other anime fans feeding into hype momentum and series speculations.

    The same is definitely true of Penguindrum, I think.

    I'll admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for characters that will go above and beyond with unflinching dedication for that one special person in their life - Which is probably why I liked Madoka a lot, as I saw a lot of that with both Homura (for Madoka) and Sayaka (for Kamijo).

    I can see how someone less fond of this might perceive it as unrealistic, and/or hard to swallow. That being said, young love really can make teenagers/young adults do seemingly crazy things... though Homura did push it admittedly.

    Like yourself, I have to see her actions has at least partially reflecting a strong lesbian attraction for Madoka, because otherwise it is a bit hard to swallow, yeah.

    As for Nanoha, I'm not a lolicon either, I just love Nanoha a lot for her personality and style. I've always been a big Superman fan, so I love those magical girls that embody a lot of his characteristics, only within the form of a cute mote girl, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for your answer!
  7. calorie
    2011-09-30 11:26
    Hmm, no unread visitor message notification...that's odd.

    Anyway, it's not that I dislike her, I just think that she, and the anime is a bit overhyped. As you might know, at the time it was airing I'd been away from AS forums, so I basically watched it alone. And the impression I'd gotten was that of a solid, innovative anime. Every aspect of it was generally good to very good, but I couldn't say I was blown away by any of it (or it as a whole).

    For example:

    The art style was cute and rather unique but the thin character outlines that were intentionally made to look as if they were just drawn roughly by a pencil...ain't diggin' it. And the witch battles with that book-pop-up-like art switches gave me the impression that the creators were trying too hard to make it look more artsy.

    Just about every character acted as if they were born and lived for a single purpose. This is something I don't like in anime. Now I realize anime fans/otakus do not look see them as real, normal highschool girls. Neither do I, but seeing as how I keep any fetishism away from my thinking pattern, it wouldn't be wrong to say that I would rank considerably lower on the "openness to highly imaginative" ideas for what little cuties such as these should and should not be doing. I mean, they all seemed to be completely independent from their parents and free to do whatever the hell they want, like risk their lives. This all seemed exaggerated and bordering pathos. Let's just say that this type of friendship motif is a bit too much for me, what K-ON!! did is more to my taste.

    I actually liked Madoka, but she was too meek and uniform most of the time for me to develop any great affection for her. Homura was the one whom I really disliked; seriously, for some highschool girl to go through such length to save a friend is such a stretch from reality that I couldn't possibly buy that.

    Of course, that's if you disregard the colossal yuri "sub"text, which I thought was even more in your face than Nanoha's.

    That said, Madoka Magica definitely had a couple of good qualities as well: surreal music, excellent pacing, and Kyubei (loved his little monologues). After all, I did give it a rating of 8 out of 10, but I'm not the most critical person around when it comes to anime.

    However I do think my opinion would be different if I'd been here and at least read some of the discussions. Just by looking at the, now cooled down, Hana Iro finale thread one can see how much people analyze what probably isn't all that "deep". Hey, as long as it improves the experience, I suppose it's a good thing. Mawaru Penguindrum is another example of a show I would quite likely either drop or dismiss as rubbish if it wasn't so popular here - I simply wouldn't take the time to think it through.

    Oh right, as for Nanoha - I also watched that alone and I am not a lolicon, it's just a nice 7/10 show with exceedingly cute main characters whom were backed up by great voice acting.
  8. Triple_R
    2011-09-29 12:28
    Curious to know why you don't like Madoka (either the character, or the anime, or both). Feel free to PM me the response if you'd rather go that route than VMs. I'm fine either way.
  9. calorie
    2011-09-17 12:55
    Really? How nice

    She's already seen both. Don't worry about it, I am pretty good at finding shows and sifting through the ecchi/pervy. Was just wondering if you know of any less popular ones that are almost free of that (even K-ON! and Ano Hana have a few inappropriate lines/scenes).

    My MAL profile is also calorie and my sister's is Emiko-Emiko btw. If you happen to think of something let me know, otherwise don't sweat it
  10. Triple_R
    2011-09-17 12:45
    My two sisters are twins. Both are 23 years old now.

    As for something your sister might like...

    K-On! is pretty clean.

    Anohana should be fine.

    If I can think of anything else, I'll tell you.

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