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Conversation Between Synria_ and Cynor
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  1. Cynor
    2008-10-07 17:27
    Well, I don't know so much that it was sadder, but I do tend to remember things for a long period of time... and of course everyone has their own defination of what makes them sad. Really I was more just defending my suggestion as sometimes I do tend to suggest things that are a little more outside the realm (or pushing it) of what the OP is asking for.
  2. Synria_
    2008-10-07 16:20
    Ok i'll post here since I dont want to go OT haha... interesting you brought up KGNE and it is very similar to Gift except the guy ended with the opposite girl. But yah his thread didn't necessarily have to have a bad ending. So i was just discussing with you. Apparently it was sadder to you than me, because I thought nothing much of it after the last ep. haha... but I was more sad after KGNE...

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