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Conversation Between KrimzonStriker and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 12:08
    Dann of Thursday
    Looks like they are planning a whole slew of updates for FFXV. I hope they include quality of life improvements along with all this:

    Thank you for playing Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV was able to achieve an amazing accomplishment, shipping 5 million copies worldwide on the release day. I would like to express my gratitude for everyone that has purchased it.

    Currently I have heard many players around the world enjoying themselves. Players are pleased to be enjoying this new Final Fantasy, as well as the staff, we are really happy.
    We’ve promised before launching the game that Final Fantasy needed to be complete before it was released. We will continue to update and we are planning to provide a more rich gaming experience to all players around the world. As a gratitude for exceeding 5 million copies, I’ve decided to strengthen the update plan considerably beyond the original plan and inform you of a concrete road map.

    These are updates to make the Final Fantasy XV gaming experience more rich, and for longer playability, updates based on requests from players after the release, and in addition to DLC development reported previously. They will be given for free for the short term, mid-term, and long-term.

    Final Fantasy XV Update Roadmap

    Short-term goals
    First, we will update the experience of Chapter 13’s gameplay. For that reason, we are undertaking many enhancements such as increasing the power of the ring’s magic. We will inform you of the details of updated content at a later time.

    Mid-term goals
    Updating the production of the second half of the game, further enhancing the experience of the story. For example, we are planning to add event scenes where “What happened to Ravus?” was from. In addition to the event scenes, voice responses and localization work to all languages will occur so we will work firmly on this as a mid-term goal. Details of the plan will be announced once it’s decided.

    Long-term goals
    We will make it possible to use important characters that appeared in the main game as playable characters. We will also consider adding an avatar system to create original characters. In addition to this, we will continue to actively update so that various players can enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time.

    After clearing the game, you can carry your progress into a New Game. Finishing it at a low level, an invincible suit, we will offer various items that extend the range of play. Fonts displayed can be enlarged for easier reading.
    For the already announced DLC, it is planned to be released as originally intended.

    FFXV Holiday Pack
    FFXV Booster Pack
    FFXV Episode Gladiolus
    FFXV Episode Ignis
    FFXV Episode Prompto
    FFXV Online Expansion Pack: Companion

    On behalf of the staff and all players around the world, we hope you will enjoy Final Fantasy XV even more. Thank you for your continued support for Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy series.

    FFXV Director Hajime Tabata
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-12-03 15:10
    Dann of Thursday
    Found a free transcoder and tested it. Files still big and take a while but not nearly as long. Quality looks okay I think? I'll upload the first three so let me know when you have chance if they look alright.

    And there's a fair chance I'll probably do some grinding off video as time goes on.

    I admit I'm worried these videos are going to be a bit of a tedious watch given how a lot of it is just running around the fields until I get to the more tedious parts. I felt the DAI ones had a lot of that.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-12-01 21:23
    Dann of Thursday
    So they showed a new trailer for that new Kojima game and it looks like Mads is in it.

    And MEA gameplay:
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-12-01 15:16
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh nice there is apparently going to be a free Holiday update for FFXV that adds in New Game Plus. Might do that with Japanese voices.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-30 13:46
    Dann of Thursday
    It’s a really cool concept certainly. Well hopefully they can make something out of it eventually or find a good fit like maybe Obsidian. She’s still on the site after all so I would think she still has some planned purpose or role.

    Definitely Will do. Curious to see how that one is received. Yeah, I’m hoping it isn’t too much of a hassle to change out skills to try stuff though it could be like DA:I where I believe you had some item that reset everything for you. Can’t recall if that was really expensive or limited.

    I definitely like the idea and hope they utilize it well with the other Ryder twin and your father being big. Unless they die or something early on, but that would be a waste.

    It’s a neat concept for a big match certainly and will likely lead to some flashbacks regarding Azami and Jo I would hope.

    I’m going home December 18 so I’ll have to see about doing something with my sisters provided there is time, though I’m working from home for some of it. Largely heard good things about Moana though.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-30 13:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Sounds good! What one did you go with?

    I do wish those the games would go on sale since I feel like they never go down in price really though I know the other series from Falcom, Ys, does often enough. Oh I’ll definitely scour through all that and probably talk with every single person since it often yields stuff about the world. I’m not too worried about there not being a Vita version since the series is relatively new unlike the Sky series which were all old PSP titles. I think CS did alright on the Vita over here too. I’d imagine they’ll continue with the group in some form though with some new people such as the characters from the Ao/Zero games as a possibility. There’s some good guides too that help you get everything you can which I’d utilize. I’ll see how things shake out.

    Good episode I thought. Not sure what to make of the stuff with Oscar and I couldn’t see anything in that mirror so I don’t know what he saw. I’m not sure if Ozpin sent himself into a mirror or if this is some program or spirit or something like that. More insight into Raven and Qrow is right that she has a very weird view of family. Also glad Yang put the arm on so hopefully we can start getting to see her recover more as well as see what her dad can do. Oh right I forgot about that one.

    Yeah not sure if Ifrit is just fighting you to test you or if he is under someone else’s control as you suggested. Probably, though it’ll probably be a while before we actually see what new plans they have for some things since Overwatch and WoW are the only things that are getting regular updates aside from the few coming out for Diablo and Starcraft II.

    It’s also weird since there is an optional tutorial that you can do before starting the game that goes over most everything. I think you could have just started with the present day opening. Actually I think the reason for those games was tied partly with them bringing in about the entire company to fix XIV and the extra XIII games were easy to make given the amount of reused assets, which made them cheaper and easier to make then if it was an all-new game. One does wonder if Nomura could have gotten it together if not for that, though I do wonder if Versus would have still been a PS3 game and how that would have worked. I’m not sure she was all that unique really and we ultimately knew next to nothing about her aside from a few tidbits. It seems to have been more common lately which is nice for those that want the option.

    That is the plan, though I’ve run into an issue. I can record it just fine and all, but the size of the files means they take forever to upload on Youtube to the point it seems to consume all of my internet where I can barely use it for anything but that upload. I need to see about perhaps encoding the videos into a smaller format, but not sure if there will be a loss of quality or not.

    I’m sure it’ll head into darker stuff and we’ll start seeing tons of people die or something. Oh right I suppose we might get some sort of announcement, though not sure when we would expect it. Summer maybe?

    Oh man I didn’t even think about the CG Knightmares. That could definitely be really weird though Akito was an OVA series so maybe they won’t go that route. Of course, we don’t know what format this is going to be just yet. I guess the PV from the event is going to be aired on TV December 23, so we’ll get our own view to see. I’ve only seen the one description which is interesting. Someone mentioned they’d been seeing fanart of Kallen with longer hair, which might be her new design given the time skip? I’d certainly like if we saw different looks for everyone. I also completely forgot about all the insane stuff Akito introduced in regards to Geass with the Administrator, which could pop up here now.
    I’d wonder if he doesn’t come to a final decision on things until later on. True there isn’t a whole lot they can do until that gets managed and then you have the Shifters present on the island too.

    Probably and most of my thoughts on Tv being better are with Stormlight just given how long and expansive those books are. The others could all probably work fine as films and they certainly have enough to make a big universe of films, though I’d wonder how popular or even good they’d end up being. No not yet. Waiting for maybe a sale or perhaps if I get some gift cards over the holidays right now. I wouldn’t expect it to take much time though.

    Show does seem like it’s gotten darker though I suppose it would still fit to have the overall plan not succeed if Thrawn can still pull something out of it for gain. I’d guess they’ll probably do a bunch of story episodes as it gets to the end. No hurry.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-29 19:30
    Got it, but again I think the more conventional plot of the first Mistborn trilogy that helps introduce all the metaphysical elements of that world would be better suited for a movie if they choose that series. Again I don't know enough about the Cosmere to be sure what would suit the big screen though so I'll trust your judgement on the matter and hope they do a good job. Any luck getting a hold of White Sand yet btw, it's actually a rather quick read thanks to being a comic so it shouldn't hamper you too much for time I think.

    Can't see them ending on that kind of downer note for the rebels though, plus the last few seasons have been 20 episodes plus and we're only hitting episode 10 by this coming week, I'd really like it if we could stop it with the fillers and move the main story with Thrawn a bit further along before the end. Alright, I'll see what I can do to upload it then, a bit busy this week so hopefully stuff opens up in the next but we'll see.

    Cool, hope you enjoy it. And video game but that's kind of moot now since they seem to have decided to go back to the drawing board with the idea, just have to enjoy their other supplementary material. True, mayhaps they come up with her after the decided to end their video game, just have to see what other releases come out for Court of the Dead to better flesh out Shard's role in all this.

    Neat, between this and Lelouch it'll be good to hear Jun again at the very least. Kay, keep it in mind though when you're planning your gaming schedule. I believe so as well, and only Last Guardian is exclusive at that. I can respect that, especially since you'll play Horizon well before I ever will. Sounds very interesting, though it'd be nice if they confirmed you can reset/change up your skills like you said, otherwise we'll have to be very cautious in how we choose. And helps freely pave the way for whole future sequels in the ME franchise.

    EDIT: Been reading and listening to videos about the info from game informer on ME:A, finding this whole male and female Ryder are twins and are both in game at the same time and be interacted with if you don't choose the other, along with the fact their father will be there to add to that whole family dynamic which will be interesting to see.

    Well as of the latest chapter of Shokugeki things just got interesting, I wonder what the rules/consequences of a team battle will be and how that plays out in our previous discussion regarding getting seats, or what each side would have to put up for such a thing. Also nice to see certain characters returning and how their interactions with the rest of the cast will be like in the upcoming chapters

    Regarding the various movies I'll have to do some juggling, Strange is still up in the air while we're trying to nail down Moana sometime next weekend on my end, see if you can't see that one with your family btw if you're meeting up with them now that the holidays are closing in.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-29 19:28
    Appreciate it and hopefully. In lighter news I finally ordered my new PC, once it gets up and running my posts will hopefully be a lot more frequent.

    Pretty much, plus they don't have to deal with the headache and costs of retail logistics and advertisement for an older model game. That's my plan as well, in fact it'll be the first game I get on my new gaming PC once that's installed in December hopefully. Not a bad idea but take you're time enjoying all the various story elements and collectible reading material as some of that ties into CS later on. Yeah, still I'm a bit tentative about CSIII specifically on whether it'll carry the save files from the previous games on all platforms, especially if there's no Vita version, all I'll say is that I CSII had a couple of decisions I hope to see play out in III, plus I hope they continue with the same protagonists unlike what 3rd did with Sky FC and SC as CSII left off with quite a few story elements with that group still needing to be wrapped up that I don't want to delay with a whole new main character. No doubt, but I don't think there's a need to rush too much, make progress and a schedule of completion yes but not to rush, given we're still likely a year away with no firm release date just yet.

    Kay, let me know in your next post what you're thoughts are so we can finally start diving deep into what's going on in RWBY. Hah, I remember doing that exact same thing last year, reminds me I have to finally finish Kabenari among some other series actually.

    Well FFXV is finally out so I guess we'll know all that soon enough though it'd be a shame in Ravus' case given he had some interesting build up until now, and yeah I'd heard it was Ifrit as well though no idea if he's someone else's summon or if he's acting on his own. Maybe you're right but I hope they do indeed have a plan/vision for Blizzard's future going forward since they won't have Metzen to rely on anymore for that, we'll have to see depending on what new story material they come out for the various franchises to get a better sense of that.

    Yeah, if it'd been a full tutorial or a way to give you a taste of Noctis at full power it would have been far more useful, so we'll have to see how the full scene plays out near the end of the game. Personally I hope not and they strike an even balance between the two storylines while merging them both together at times. My thoughts as well unfortunately and why I lament still that they wasted so much time and resources with making a damn trilogy for FFXIII instead. I get that, my regret is we lost out on Stella's unique concept as a heroine and the fresh air she'd have brought to the FF franchise as a whole. Suppose we just have to move on though. And good to hear about the Japanese dub being included, I do hope more games make that an option in general going forward.

    EDIT: Ah, you're uploading FFXV to your channel? Appreciate that, and don't worry about the length of time honestly, like you said this and Last Guardian are the only foreseeable big releases until February. Just let me know when they're up.

    Yeah, though it's early in season 2 and right now there seems to be a lot of tension/build up so who knows how it'll all turn out by the end. Well Loum's something to look forward to anyway, and I mean to finish off Origin by the end of this week hopefully. Still curious as to what new Gundam series Sunrise has in store for us next year.

    Speaking of Sunrise I'm both glad and apprehensive about this Season 3 announcement after all these years, glad that we finally confirmed Lelouch lives even if it did take 8 bloody years, apprehensive as to where they'll take the story and how I'm still not the biggest fan of the Akito CG Knightmares and how that'll translate into Season 3. Just have to wait and see.

    Yeah, but again got to resolve the issues of the present in AoT first and foremost. Still given his intial reaction to all these revelations Eren seems to be having a crisis of faith so we'll just have to see how he comes out of it once the backstory is finished next chapter hopefully. Got it, though not like it matters now that she's dead too other then how it'll shape Eren going forward. And a boring story so I'm fully expecting an all out military clash, at least for now and depending on how the citizens of the Wall deal with the Titan infestation on the island before they can even think of taking the offensive.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-29 18:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Good lord I forgot how long these videos took to load!
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-27 08:25
    Dann of Thursday

    So uh. Yeah... Not sure how to feel about this.

    There was a PV at this event that is apparently going to be on a release in December I believe. A summary is in the New Project thread in the Code Geass Sub-Forum if you're curious at all. I'm not exactly hopeful this is going to turn out as anything other than a mess, but who knows. They actually got Taniguchi and Okouchi to come back so perhaps they have a plan.

    That said, and I know how silly this sounds, if I don't get LelouchxC.C. out of this then I straight up don't care. I've largely learned not to care about this sort of thing anymore, but that is one area I will never budge on! Doubtful of course given all comments from them about her being a mother figure to him and simply an equal partner and all that nonsense. Damn I'm already falling back into it hard

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